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Weekend Link Round Up

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of January 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Some links that I found in my RSS feed after returning from our weekend road-trip:

  • Scrivs writes a post that has generated some interesting discussion in comments at Why Blog Networks Will Fail This Year
  • Jeremy has delayed the start of the auction of the big blog he’s brokering a deal for as a result of some serious offers. There’s lots of speculation going around as to what blog it is and whether it’s a good move to try to sell it with this strategy but from the snippets I know I think it’ll work out.
  • Chitika have announced that they have finished auditing for November (payments on the way) and December (payments to come at the end of January. I’m yet to go over the results of my audits in detail but November’s results look similar to Octobers decreases and Decembers look better (the changes they started on 1 December must have helped in my case). They also announced that the extra 10% bonus that they gave in November was extended into December. Get full details at their blog.

    update: just also noticed that they’ve added a new date reporting system to their stats. Up near the ‘filter by channel’ there is now a ‘view’ drop down menu that allows checking of stats by ‘All’, ‘last 7 days’, ‘this month’, ‘last month’ or ‘select dates’. This will make their stats quite a bit easier.

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  • Why does Duncan want to sell BlogHerald? He’s not reporting this on his blog so I got the hint that jeremy is talking about his blog. Isn’t it a part of b5media already? $40k seems to steep but I guess if people thinks it’s worth it…

  • Isn’t it a bit weird to try to sell a blog without telling people what it is?

  • i dont know whether chitika is giving the payments or not
    i want to know the details.

    latest computers review

  • MikeGR: Wouldn’t it be grrrrrrrrrrrreat if you could clean the snake oil sheen off the affiliate marketing/blog advertising/sponsored whatever market.

    Well, maybe in a few years, eh?

  • yuga – you’ll have to ask Jeremy which blog it is if you want the information on which blog.

    MikeGR – it does seem a little strange, I thought it was wierd first time I heard it but the more I think about it the more I think it’s a good move for a number of reasons. Of course keep in mind that anyone who is serious about wanting to buy the blog does know what blog it is – you simply have to ask for more information and they give it to you so it’s not a complete secret.

    #3…. what details?

  • Do you know what the criteria is for deciding the WORTH of a blog?
    After looking at it, I just can’t see how it can be monetized much more than it is currently.
    But- somebody is going to lay out a load of cash (double the original going price), so I guess we’ll find out!