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Weekend Adsense CTR Upswing

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of August 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Does anyone else noticed a definite increase in their Click Through Rate (CTR) on weekends for their Adsense performance?

Whilst we’re not allowed to talk specific numbers I find that most weekends my CTR can pick up to the point where my overall earnings are often as good as my weekday totals despite having significantly less traffic to my sites.

I wonder if people surfing the web on weekends are just more relaxed and willing to take their time more and follow the links/ads that you have on your site? Just a theory but one I’m interested to hear others experience on. Does your Adsense CTR go up on weekends?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Yes, I’ve noticed this pattern too.

    But another, even stronger pattern I’ve seen is that my CTR is significantly higher during the early morning hours (Pacific Time), and then it gradually drops throughout the day.

    Any ideas for why this would be so? Do Australians tend to madly click on ads while the rest of the world is sleeping? ;)

  2. I see my earnings and traffic down on weekends.

    I guess it depends on the kind of website you have. Techie and Geeky kinds get less weekend traffic.

  3. Ours go down on weekends. CTR and overall traffic. I believe it all depends on the content/market/niche of the site.

  4. For me it varies weekend to weekend, as does the traffic. Today for example, we’ve had nearly 1000 impressions yet no clicks, whereas yesterday at the same time we’d had 10+ clicks.

  5. I have a theory on this… During the weekends your regular readers (this has less to do with geeks like me who sit here writing comments on a perfectly nice saturday) are not visiting. This is more pronounced if you don’t post content on the weekends much. But people from search engines are still coming in, since they don’t realize you don’t update on the weekend. I have always found that visitors from search engines click ads at a muuuch higher rate than regular visitors.

    It may just be a crazy theory.

  6. My shopping related sites do much better on the weekends. However the general interest stuff (the sites people surf at work) do much better during the week particularly the lunch time hours.

  7. In the beginning, before getting a lot of traffic from search engines, my weekend traffic was significantly lower than my weekdays. However recently, with more search engine traffic, I’ve found that my Sundays rival my Mondays. Most of my Sunday visitors are referred from SE’s whereas a lot of my Monday readers come from an aggregator (bloglines, yahoo, etc) of some sort or directly to the site… and as Jon said, SE visitors click more often than regulars.

  8. I think Jon nailed it right on the head. I also, despite having lower traffic, have higher CTR and earning on weekends. It’s a strange thing… but I’ve come to think along the same lines as Jon above.

  9. Mine is generally down on the weekends.

  10. My CTR is slightly higher on the weekends. The problem is, my traffic is down. Too bad I can’t have the best of both worlds.

  11. I have this weird 6 day cycle of income coming in.
    I can’t explain it, but every 6th day is really low.
    It isn’t something strange in the hosting as I have multiple sites on multiple hosts.

  12. I notice our click-throughs rate is about double on the weekend. And I’ve also noticed that the bulk of our earnings seem to happen earlier in the day. I think this happens because buyers cap their Adsense expenditures at a certain amount each day. Google attempts to earn as much revenue as possible with each set of ads, so it’ll serve the most expensive. As their daily budget is used up and the pricey ads stop running, cheaper ads take their place. Hence, morning clicks bring in a lot more revenue at 30 or 40 cents a click, while by the evening some of my pages are down to about 3 cents a click.

  13. I see my earnings and traffic down on weekends.

  14. For me AdSense performs very poor in weekend

  15. I wondered when this would come up. My revenue increased past the $100 a day mark this week, which is nice. Digging into the stats (I am a junkie) I find that the main increase is due to ONE ad block on one domain, it is making me disgusting amounts of money and making me feel it’s some kind of mistake. What I think is happening is the recent announcement that Google made about optimising adverts is kicking in, the ads that are being served seem finely tuned. It’s possible they are targeting a limited amount of domains that meet certain criteria before rolling it out as it is only happening to one of my domains. But who knows.

  16. I’ve experienced the same thing and my theory is the same as Jon Gales’ . More visitors from search engines please! :-)

  17. My earnings seem to go down during the weekends for some reason.

  18. […] Ever since my last post about Google’s Adsense program, my clickthrough rate had been higher, but over the last week or so, my clicks have almost dropped to nothing. I don’t know what it is, especially since others are mentioning how theirs have gone up especially on the weekend. […]

  19. I was wrong. Our CTR and the amount per click were higher than ever this weekend.

    Whatever changes google has made of late are working.

    Excuse me, I gotta go post and help them help me.

  20. Looking back over the last month, traffic drops but earning rises in about two-thirds of the weekends. I’ve put this down to the idea that if someone is searching Google at a weekend, in their own time, they are more highly motivate than average weekday, stuck in an office surfer. Thus when they find your blog that are more likely to click the relvant adverts on the blog and more likely to come back and click on other adverts.

  21. nope down on weekends

  22. I, too, have seen an incredible upswing on CTR this weekend. But, interestingly enough, it’s been even higher today. We’re talking 5x higher than a typical weekday.

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