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Wednesdays – Most popular day of the week to surf the web surf the web.

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of August 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

OneStat reports that Wednesdays are the day that post people surf the web around the world. Not surprisingly the weekend are the days with least traffic.

1. Wednesday – 16.87%
2. Monday – 15.78%
3. Tuesday – 15.28%
4. Thursday – 14.92%
5. Friday – 14.08%
6. Sunday – 11.85%
7. Saturday – 11.22%

Many bloggers have noticed this trend and mirror it in their posting making more posts midweek than on weekends. When do you post most? If it’s mid week is it because you are trying to time it for midweek readers or because you yourself are just not online on the weekends?

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  1. […] An interesting post over on Problogger  – according to OneStat , Wednesday is the most popular day of the week for surfing. […]

  2. My Wed hits are usually 20 – 40% higher than the rest of the week. Don’t know why… and Sat/Sun really suck.. guess nobody is indoor on a summer weekend …

  3. Well, that’s a total shock to me, as with all of my sites in total (blogs, websites, store, etc )… my hits are DOUBLE on Mondays than on any days .. and about 75% of that is on Friday. Must be the surfing habits of the Canadian worker, eh?


  4. The bulk of my weeks hits come on Wednesday and Thursday on http://www.usedmac.ca Which is a Macintosh computer classified website in Canada.

  5. On my popular mainstream sites, the peak for each week is almost always Tuesday. Occasionally it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday, but in general Monday thru Thursday have very close to the same traffic.

    My least popular days each week are Friday, Sunday, and Saturday, in that order, just like the survey said.

  6. I’ve always noticed this same trend on my sites. Tue, Wed & Thurs. have always been very close. I wonder if this is chicken/egg type thing. Did those days get busy because we posted more, or do we post more because people are on those days? ;) I suspect it’s both.

  7. I try, though I don’t always succeed, to do my heaviest posting from Monday to Wednesday so that my Monday posts are out there and even indexed in search engines by Wednesday. It actually seems to me like that was a tip I picked up here several months ago. :)

  8. Those days might be the biggest days for traffic but I wonder what the ratio is for sales/hits on the peak day compared to the weekend.

    And apropo of not much at all – Wednesday seems to be the biggest day for press releases too.

  9. It varies a lot. One weekend my main site got no hits at all (maybe the stats were playing up?!).

    Other times, weekends do quite well. I am sure it depends what your site is about and who it appeals to. Across the whole blogosphere, maybe Wednesdays are best, but I do think it varies a lot.

    I don’t tend to post more or less because of trends – I try to be consistent (doesn’t always work) or post when something is worth posting. As many of my hits come from search engines, which have a certain lag time anyway, it doesn’t really matter (to the day) when a post is initially made. A lot of my sites benefit from the ‘long tail’ anyway.

  10. I’m pretty consistent with my online routine and have found Wednesday and Thursday to be my peek days!

  11. Sunday Stew

    As Darren Rowse of ProBlogger reports, Sunday is one of the days that the internet is least populated with browsers. That means less content from bloggers, less hits from readers, and less money made for those bloggers who make money…

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