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Weblog Empire ReLaunches as ‘Dating Agency’ for Blogs

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of February 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Duncan has been wondering what to do with his Weblog Empire domain for some time now and today announces the launch of it in it’s version 2 incarnation.

He describes it as like a dating agency for your blog where you can post about your blog and look for partnerships with other bloggers in terms of links. It is a forum set up.

I’d love to see the concept extended further in the future to have sections exploring other potential partnerships that go beyond link exchanging also – perhaps along the lines of bartering of services as I mentioned in my post on blogging skills a few days back. I’m not sure what Duncan’s intentions are with it much further than it’s present form as this isn’t a b5media project but I’m sure it will evolve in time.

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  • That sounds very interesting.
    Having a forum dedicated to link exchanges, and helping blogs grow is something that the blogosphere (and myself) really needs.

  • A.H

    This is exactly what i’m looking for =)


  • Hmmm, interesting….

    Unfortunately my blog is still very shy(low readership) and only just recently opened itself up to talking to the rest of the world(comments enabled). Maybe once people see what my blog is doing(rss) there might be some interest in “courting” my blog.


  • Great concept but the registration button isn’t working just now :(

  • Hi,

    I’m a single blueish male blog. I enjoy trackbacks (Why do others call that stalking??), scintillating conversation and impressing people with my stats (mine is bigger than yours).

    Let’s do lunch.

  • craig

    what a stupd idea I don’t get hi site was all abot blogging this is stupid, also he lead everyone up the grden path saying he was going to sell it he wasted alot of peoples time this guy is a idiot

  • Unless he moderates it strongly, this is a waste of time. I’ll sign up on the off chance that he will, but my expectations are extremely low.

    A site like just has you list your site in a category and allows you to make link offers to others in the categories you are interested in. In theory, that’s what you want, and if it weren’t for all the spammers and the idiots who think football or doll collecting would be a lovely link for your C programming site, it might actually be. But of course the spammers and morons swamp such places, making them useless.

    So lets say he keeps out the spammers. It’s quite a bit harder to keep out the morons because you don’t know who they are until they start pestering everyone else.

    Also, the forum idea leaves me a little puzzled. What’s to discuss? I make a post (and following Aaron’s tongue in cheek style is tempting) and then what? Where’s the “forum”?

  • Craig
    lay off the drugs because you are totally lost. I’ve been trying to sell the Blog Herald, not Weblog Empire. Weblog Empire was the name of my blog network that was merged into b5media. I had to do something with the domain so I lauched a blog link exchange. I didn’t mislead anyone because you are totally lost.

    Linkshare is an affilate site so I’m not sure how you compare it to Weblog Empire. As for the forum and what to discuss…well that is a problem in one way because I’ve totally opened the PM system and encoruages people to list their emails as well. Its about facilitating deals between one blogger and another, and I don’t really care as to how they do it, hence I’ve given the options. Sure, it would look better for me if it was all played out in public but I’ve already got feedback from ppl who have done great link deals by PM and email. You know sometimes trusting ppl isn’t bad? sure, some ppl will abuse it, and I’m watching that (trust me on this), but as I’ve already posted, most of us get these deals by email anyway, this way you get to pick or advertise. The control changes from others to you. There is no evil intent, and can I say that I’m making virtuallly no money out of it either, I’ve done it because I believe that its an opportunity to help other bloggers.

  • I wasn’t suggesting evil intent :-)

    As I said, I can agree that you might be able to weed out splogs, but you aren’t going to stop the clueless Mommie blog from pestering me without an abuse system. It doesn’t have to be draconian,, but there has to be a way to warn people that they can’t just send out promiscous link requests to unrelated sites (unless to another site that doesn’t care about relevance).