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Web Warrior Tools Launches

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of May 2008 Other Income Streams 0 Comments

Web-Warrior-ToolsToday I was chatting to Leo from Zen Habits who told me that he’s just launched a new site.

When Leo tells me he’s starting something new I always take notice – he’s got a habit of making things work and has built his blog from 0 to over 50,000 subscribers in under a year, has written an excellent ebook – Zen to Done (the ultimate simple productivity system) and has been a prolific guest blogger.

Leo’s new project called Web Warrior Tools and is a partnership with fellow blogger Glen Stansberry from LifeDev.

They’re promoting it as ‘ridiculously useful ebook guides to everything’ and are launching with 4 ebooks:

1. Beginners Guide to Podcasting – an introduction to expanding into the medium of podcasting.

2. Email Zen – efficient email management

3. The Get Rich Slowly Guide to Roth IRAs – retirement planning resource

4. Healthy Life Secrets – a guide for those who want to break out of an unhealthy lifestyle

These four are just the beginning of what looks like being a fairly extensive library of ebooks. What I like about it is that the ebooks are cheap ($6-$9), they’re beautifully designed (as is everything Leo does) and well written. You can preview them on the site to get a taste before buying.

Leo and Glen have shown another way that bloggers can make money with Web Warrior Tools. They’ve both built a large following of readers on their blogs and now are joining together to leverage that profile to release products that relate to the blogs that they’ve built.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I am writing an e-book to submit to the site this very moment!

  • Thanks for the write-up Darren! I’d like to also add that if any problogger readers are interested in writing for Web Warrior Tools, they can get in touch using our contact form at:

    Thanks again!

  • Cool — this looks like a fascinating site to watch! I’ll be very interested to see how it goes for Leo.

    Sorry to be nitpicky, but “How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer” is by Cyan and Collis Ta’eed — I have a copy in my shelf, and along with the ProBlogger book, it’s one of my favourite purchases of the past couple of months!


  • Nice site. Leo has a good idea

  • I actually first got introduced to Zen Habits through the links on one of your posts (don’t remember which one)…Since then I have become an addict to his content…

  • Interesting concept, I’m not sure if ebooks based on blog vs. JIT (just in time) printed books on blogs are viable over the long run. Right now I just blog my writings for people to enjoy and when I have a big enough library I will convert it into a book for people to by, its hard to justify paying money for what you already get for free, what is the service?

    Personally I would rather get a book in hand then a file on the internet. This is currently a big issue in Photography as the whole (okay most) of the industry goes digital and clients are demanding digital copies of everything.

    It’s hard to put value added costs into virtual products. So the best of luck to them, if it works out, perhaps I may turn my efforts towards pay-per-use ebooks and images vs. hardcopies.

  • Love the layout of the Web Warrior tools site..Professional looking and great overall design, and from a consumer point of view I would not hesitate buying from this site…Also liked the sampling of each ebook..However, I’m not crazy about combining Health, Retirement Planning and Creating Podcasts all in one site…seems a bit too portal-ly for my tastes..I like my blogging info “straight up”..

  • Great site. What is the e.t.a for being fully ready content wise?

  • Rick – my guess is that it’s pretty much for “web warriors” as in, people who are trying to make a living on the internet, be they consultants, bloggers, copywriters, investors, whatever.

    Contrary to what we bloggers like to think, there are other people making money online than us! ;)

    And where else would a “web warrior” of any kind go to find all the info they might want to find? We all know that sitting at a computer for days on end isn’t great for your health, some of us would love to know what the best ways to invest our earnings are, and well, I’m not a podcaster, but maybe the ebook will change that.

    Think outside the box, maaannnn… lol

  • You’re right, Lara. Upon further review, I believe I missed the whole concept of this site..actually overlooked the affiliate portion of the site…Sorry, Leo..too much chocolate and caffeine this afternoon. Best of luck!

  • This is great! I’m really glad to see a book by JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly up there – that alone lets me know that this is going to be a service providing quality ebooks.

  • This could easily become the “go-to” resource for eBooks on a wide variety of topics. Great ideas, great books, great bloggers! This looks like a home run all the way around!

  • Leo is a freak and will make so much money from this….soon I will reach his status on my financial blog (one day)

  • Hey Rick – happens to us all. The overlooking/missing points part, anyway… I am firmly against the belief that there could ever be anything remotely close to “too much” when it comes to chocolate and/or coffee! ;)

  • Thanks for the headsup regarding the site! I’ve been up to my earlobes updating my sites regarding the ebay CJ switchover, but have it on my to-do list to get my future ebooks out as well.

    Kudos to your friends for a successful launch,


  • What makes these ebooks different from all the others proclaiming to have the same benefits?

  • thanks for sharing information….I hope very useful