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Web Graphics Training Course (Photoshop)

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of November 2007 Blog Design 0 Comments

Web-Graphics-Cd-CoverDo you want to learn how to make great graphics for your blog?

Over at Digital Photography School I only promote a very small group of quality products to my readers. One of the most popular is a Photoshop training resource called Pro Photo Secrets by a fellow Aussie – Shane Goldberg.

Shane’s photoshop training (via hundreds of great videos) is one of the best quality resources on the market (he offers a free 7 video sampler on this page if you’re interested in the quality of his work).

Today I logged in to check my email (I’m still away on vacation but had to check in to send some photos to family) and an email from Shane caught my eye. He’s just released a web graphics training course and has a special running this week.

The course is called Web Graphics Made Easy and it is for those of you with Photoshop CS3 who want to use it not only to edit images but to create everything from cool buttons, headers, favicons and for those wanting some training on saving files for the web, uploading images etc.

The reason I’m posting about this today (a Sunday here in Australia) is that Shane’s offering this product (it’s CD based) at 50% off for the first 300 sales.

I’m yet to try this myself (although I’ve just ordered one) as I’m on holidays – but having purchased and promoted Shane’s products before I can vouch for the quality of what he does and am looking forward to getting home to my own copy of it. He also offers a money back guarantee which I know he’s good for.

OK – now let me get back to the pool and the last couple of days of my vacation!

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • This is cool.

    Using training videos are now such a cost effective way to either update skills or get a slight advantage before taking workshops.

    With DVDs, you aren’t dependent on continuous broadband connections to study.

  • I think it is worthwhile for any webmaster to get a good grasp of Photoshop.

    I’m no master at it but I’ve created a number of decent looking sites using Photoshop and sometimes it is just quicker to make a few of your own graphics than going through the hassle of hiring someone else to do it.

    Also if you do any web building services for people it adds a whole new skill-set.

    Most designers don’t have a clue about SEO and web marketing so if you are proficient in internet marketing and can create some nice looking designs too you have a solid advantage over 90% of the competition.


  • Well, if its Photoshop then i’m in.

    I do try other online tutoriasl as well.

    But, I think I will try what Darren is offering as well.

    Hey Darren, its good to see that even that you are off in vacation, you still have been checking in at your site.


  • I can do a certain amount in photoshop and quite often pay designers. I think a trained designer can really add something to the look of a logo. However, I may well be interested in this. There would be no harm in improving my skills.

  • Darren, you are ON HOLIDAY!!! We don’t want to hear from you, OK?!


  • learning photoshop will be interesting. But I don’t think bloggers and webmasters need to master it. We have designers for it and i generally leave it to them.

  • I leave design for specialists, saves money and time in long run

  • Here is 5,730 photoshop tutorials on youtube. :)

  • I think there should be “update tutorials” on Learning Photoshop CS3 . It will be helpful for designer to learn about the latest updates developed in CS3.

  • I am a long way off from learning to use Photoshop but I am wandering if it allows you simply copy and paste html code into you blog or how you upload art? I have recently purchased a book on SQL (more for my job and CSS HTML> I am hoping this will help me in support of a better blog.

  • I agree that using Photoshop is a fantastic tool for graphics.

  • This course looks interesting

  • This is somewhat very cool stuff. I am using photoshop only for some crop, auto contrast, saving for web… very basic things.

    Thanks for sharing and please enjoy your vacation.

  • This is somewhat very cool stuff. I am using photoshop only for some crop, auto contrast, saving for web… very basic things.

    Thanks for sharing and please enjoy your vacation.

  • Just what I need. Keep the learning item’s coming. I for one need all the help I can get.

  • Photoshop is great for photo editing but also for web design

  • I do try other online tutoriasl as well.

  • Darren If you have some other tutorial like Flash CS3 or Illustrator CS3 we love to buy one of these. You have a great product for Adobe Photoshop users.