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Want Higher AdSense Click Values? Post Earlier in the Day

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of November 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

Reader-Quick-TipsH.S. Ayoub from BioHealth Investor submitted the following reader ‘quick tip’.

Here’s a quick tip for maximizing your revenue per click from Google Adsense ads on your blog.

My blog has been up for only 8 weeks, and already I have found a tactic that has increased my daily earnings since trying it.

Now of course, this may not work for everyone, I only have my blog to go on, but it should make a little difference.

I found that if you post an article on your blog very late at night, maybe at midnight or a little later, the revenue per click generated during the next day is higher, by almost 50%

Why? I thought about that question for a few days, and the best theory that I could come up with was that the advertisers with the highest per click budget show up on top of all the other ads early in the day, but their budget limit is reached quicker.

By the afternoon the higher paying ads shut off untill the next day, while the cheaper ads now show up on top of the ad block.

Again, this is just an observation on my part, not a thoroughly researched theory.

It would be interesting to see how others do with this tactic.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. That is absolutely true. Google wants to show the higher paying ads first (since they will make more off it) so they show those ads early in the morning to make sure the advertisers budgets are fully used. I dabble in some ppc arbitrage and most of the money is made from 4-8am.

  2. […] pentru cei care vreti sa face bani cu adsense… uite ce zice gagiul asta… ca daca postezi dupa miezul noptii iei cu 50% mai multi bani de la adsense… are si o explicatie… nu e conforma cu ce zice google… la adwords ei zic ca vor distribui bugetul in mod egal pe parcursul zilei… da oare e asa? oare inversul e valabil pe adwords? o sa ma joc si o sa va zic… […]

  3. can we extrapolate and say that if i concentrate adwords to the end of the day, i would pay less?

  4. As a “higher per click” advertiser myself, I think H.S. Ayoub may be onto something here. I run a higer per click campaign with a lower total day budget, so usually by 12:00 PM PST, my ads are coming off Adsense. Interesting theory. I’ll be giving it a try.

  5. I was actually contemplating this the other day as well, not only with adsense value but with how much traffic would vary if you post in the morning instead of late at night. I think it is something that deserves a bit more research on my part.


  6. It’s very common that there’s a pattern of the price being higher / lower at specific times in the day / night. But the reason for this is in most cases just that the particular visitors getting to your site at a specific time of the day, they come from one part of the world, and visitors coming 8 hours later is from another part – all because of the timezones. What then happens is that Adsense might show locally targeted ads with a higher CPC to people in the US or any other country / region, which will result in a higher revenue at particular times of the day. In this case the time of the day shouldn’t affect your overall earnings much (but could because of the scenario where people are busy versus when they’re just surfing the web, which affects the likeliness of them clicking ads..).

    But the reason about ‘budget limits’ is also very valid in some cases.

  7. Wow!

    Wonderful observation by H. S. Ayoub. Definitely worth a try.

    Thanks for sharing this rather unusual tip.


  8. A great observation, and another excuse to stay up late at night. Now only if more readers would come and visit my blog by then. It’s a whole new ball game altogether.

  9. Good thing I’m a night-owl. I’ll start posting a few things after midnight (EST) and see if my Adsense money increases dramatically. Thanks for the tip!

    Sign me: Future Billion-Dollar Blogger

  10. Guess I’d better check my link before I post next time! Thanks for the Adsense timing tip, Ayoub. I hope and pray it works.

    Sign me: Future Billion-Dollar Blogger

  11. This tip does reflect my own experience. Whatever the reason behind it, it does seem to help to include at least one post earlier in the day. Certainly, from what I’ve seen, it helps in terms of revenue to spread the posting activity out at intervals throughout the day, too, rather than posting several articles at once.

  12. My own experience echoes this and I think it also has to do with when Google spiders your site to know what ads to load up.

  13. Why does it matter when you post? The ads will go on anyway right?

  14. I found that if you post an article on your blog very late at night, maybe at midnight or a little later, the revenue per click generated during the next day is higher, by almost 50%

    Um .. could you be more specific on the timezone ?

  15. I’ve found that posting throughout the day is the best advice. At least twice a day.

    Google traffic will increase dramatically once Google realizes that your site is updated frequently, and your articles will start being indexed within a day or two of posting.

  16. I think that late-night blog posts also drive more traffic since people tend to check their RSS readers first thing in the morning. By having an interesting post available first thing in the AM, you increase the percentage of people who will see your the post the next day. As the day wears on, your post looks older because of the time display in the feed reader (ex. posted 6 hours ago). Perhaps this would explain a portion of the higher AM adsense returns.

  17. Very interesting. I’ve never paid much attention to how things flow throughout the day. Mornings are a tough time for me to post with two kids underfoot, but maybe the overnight post would do the job just as well. It’s certainly an interesting thought.

  18. Being in the UK I’ve noticed that my clicks are higher value during our evenings (daytime in the States, I guess) but seem to be almost worthless during the night.

    This often gives me great disappointment in the mornings when I log onto my AdSense account to discover that my account hasn’t increased in earnings as much as I had expected despite getting just as many clicks.

    I guess H.S. Ayoub theory goes some way to explaining the difference in values.

  19. Wonderful advice! I will take it into account when my site is ready for debut.

    You say midnight – but for the purposes of a globalised world that we live in can you say what time GMT Time
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenwich_Mean_Time or CUT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coordinated_Universal_Time


  20. I haven’t yet noticed much difference in click value during particular times of day, but this definitely makes sense. Thanks for the insight!

  21. It’s an interesting theory, but I can say that sometimes advertisers schedule their ads to only appear at a certain time, in THEIR time zone and in THEIR geographical area (depends on the product/service and type of course).

    So that kind of blows this theory out the window. I have clients who are paying $5/click but their ads only show in one area, from 9a-5p in their time zone. Other people might have their ads showing up at night only. This is something that’s taught to you when you use the help Google offers in setting things up.

    It’d be interesting to find out how many advertisers use the time scheduling versus those who just throw up a price per click and a monthly total.

  22. My observations were based on U.S. eastern time. Sorry I didn’t make that clear.

    Of course, it all depends on the time scheduale of your country/time zone.

    Remember guys, I am talking about Revenue per click, NOT total revenue based on traffic.

    Traffic is higher during the day of course, but what I have found is that the amount of money per click on average is higher when you have posted very late at night, midnight or a little later, as the higher paying ads start running early the next morning.

    But I only have my site to go on, let me know guys if its working/not working for you.

  23. No need to stay up until midnight. If you are using WordPress, you can set your posting time to whatever you like, and it will post at that time.

  24. and why do you suppose that readers read the post once it’s published ?

  25. my hot image,

    that is the point, they don’t. that’s why you post at midnight or a little later, and then very early next morning, when the post should be updated in the subscribers’ feed aggregator, your subscribers wake up and the post is ready, and your email list recieves it early as well.

  26. […] Every once in awhile I like to throw in a tip for WordPress users who find their way here thanks to the diggIntegrator plugin. Spurred on by a post over at ProBlogger, I started looking for a method to post content to my blog at times when I couldn’t otherwise be sitting at my PC. What I found, which is thankfully built into WordPress, is a method of writing a post and setting it to be published at a later time or date. […]

  27. Noteworthy observaation. Must check on it!!

  28. Man will I ever vouch for this one. Many days I notice high revenue generation early in the morning, between say 5am and 9am and back to what one would consider normal by 11am or 12pm. While this doesn’t happen in every target niche, it does happen in alot of the higher paying ones I’m lucky enough to be in. Some of the highest paying clicks have come before the sun comes up in the morning.

  29. thanks for sharing this great tips.

  30. It’s sad that this is such an excellent tip and I never thought of it sooner .. These newbies are catching on fast! We’ll have to watch these dawgs as they take over the world :p

    (j/k – good tip H.S. Ayoub)

  31. further to … I was thinking that in retrospect, I’ve always been doing the opposite .. I PRE-post at night, but set the articles to come out at various times during the day, one at a time. I noticed last year that if I posted everything in the morning, everybody would just skim the articles and they wouldn’t stay on my site for more than 5 seconds (information overload in their readers). Now .. they might stay up to 30 seconds .. reading one at a time – which isn’t that good anyway.

    Q) do you still get the higher clicks when you prepost say, 3-6 articles at once in the wee mornings? Or – do people not click at all?

  32. I can see why google would have the more higher click during the day because by the late afternoon the funds are all used up so they have to re-up more money to keep advertising. Nice work I’ll start posting my blog just after midnight (PST)

  33. […] While doing research for another blog posting, one of ProBlogger.net owner Darren Rowse’s posts came up. The post is actually a ‘reader quick tip’ submitted by a H.S. Ayoub from BioHealth Investor, a subscriber to the blog. […]

  34. Even though Im pretty new in the blogging world, I can attest that this owrks well, as I had changed my blogging time from 4pm to midnight and later, andd have seen an increase in adsense earnings.

  35. that’s exactly right, i saw it.

  36. totally true .. provided you post late in the night as per the american standard time . I also found that I get more traffic when i post on weekends .Thankx for the tips

  37. Thanks for the info! I will try and put that to practice on my blog

  38. Yes that is true, i have posted in my blog in several time but get better ad revenue from the late night postings. this is good for who has timezone benefit. Thanks!

  39. I’m newbie in adsense world and it makes me curious to try.

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