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Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog

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  • Hey man… I saw you got nominated in there! Congrats!!!

    We got nominated for Best Podcast. I’m pumped!!!!!

    Yay us!!!!

  • Hey Darren,

    Just want to point out that we’re telling our readers to vote for you:

  • It’s all about popularity, true, but at least we know that on the internet it is much harder to buy that. There’s nothing easier for someone than to stop reading, click a few things and end up on the other side of the net, so there’s often a pretty good correlation between good content and popularity.

  • I even nominated you in at least two categories; Best Australian Weblog and Weblog of the Year. But I’m not sure I nominated you for Best Web Development Blog, as I might have not seen a blog-blog as counting. Eh! I voted for you in that category!

    I wrote an entry about my picks and I said something nice about you. If you don’t want to go to read it, I basically said that you’re a daily, but I said it better there. ;-)

    And I ALSO voted for “Best Weblog Awards Award” in YOUR awards, but I was close to picking “I detest blog awards.” ;-)

    Just a general FYI; I chose Kiss Me, Stace on which to post the topic, because I’m more known as a personality on that blog, even though it’s fashion and not general or blog related. I thought people might care more about what I think. MORE… still not much. ;-)

    Good luck!

    Designer Ella

    P.S. Treehugger, I voted for you! (You’re also in that entry.)
    P.P.S. The Movie Blog, I skipped the podcast category (so at least I didn’t support competitors). (I actually couldn’t find your podcast in the hurried time I had left to choose the last of my votees.) No hard feelings?