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Using Posting Schedules to Maintain Momentum


Maintaining Momentum in Blogging Series

Another strategy for planning ahead that many bloggers use is to create a postings schedule for themselves. This can happen on a range of levels (from informal to very structured) but is often a great way to give some level of structure and motivation for posting. Here’s a few quick ways that I’ve seen bloggers do this:

  • Numerical Goals – set a daily/weekly/monthly posting level that you want to achieve.
  • Topical Goals – set yourself a number of topics that you want to cover over a period of time. These can be ‘general’ topics (ie you want to write 5 posts this week in a certain category on your blog) or can be quite specific (ie you want to write 1 post on XXX topic, another on YYY topic and another on ZZZ topic).
  • Post Style Goals – set yourself a type of post to write each day. Some bloggers have a weekly rhythm that they stick to (ie on Monday I’ll post an interview with someone, on Tuesday I’ll write a rant, on Wednesday I’ll do a review post, on Thursday I’ll do a link post style wrap up on the news for the week and on Friday I’ll write a tip post) For ideas on different types of blog posts – here’s 20.

Make your goals reasonable enough to be achievable as well as big enough to stretch you a little.

Using posting schedules works brilliantly for some people and gives them a wonderful framework for their blogging, but for others it can squash their passion for blogging. It’s worth experimenting with though and seeing if it fits with your personality.

I tend not to use posting schedules in day to day blogging but do find them very useful in those times when life threatens to get on top of me and I find maintaining momentum most difficult. In these times I attempt to set a goal for each and then on a piece of paper in front of me tick off each post as I write them.

Public Posting Schedules – some bloggers not only have personal or private posting schedules but have public ones and tell their readers what to expect on their blog. This makes the blogger accountable to their goals and can create a sense of anticipation among your readers but is also risky if you don’t meet the expectations that you create in your regular readers minds. I do this if I’m writing a series of posts and I know I’m going to follow through on my goals – but don’t like to set many more expectations that that as my own style of blogging is reasonably spontaneous.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Planning ahead is a must. I plan the posts ill do 2 – 3 weeks in advanced, having clear what post ill do each day. Planning is especially crutial for me, because I draw for most posts, and need time to do each drawing. If I didnt know what ill post, I could know what ill draw.

    Alexander Wunderlich

  2. I do a lot of planning to. I can’t plan too far in advance or I tend to sit back. I am usually 2 or 3 days ahead. I have a black notebook and I write down all my ideas. Has done me wonders so far.

  3. Someone has money on the brain:

    “(ie on Money I’ll post an interview with someone, on Tuesday I’ll write a rant”

    Money should be Monday.

  4. Schedules are a great idea, however because of my regular job I sometimes have a hard time keeping to them.

    Right now, I try to post at least one article and one tip of the day every day on my site. I’m currently trying to get a more structured schedule as far as planning my post topics in advance, so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully, it’ll make my life a bit easier =).

  5. Planning ahead is a good thing. In my blogs, I write mainly about Asian business and I try to set weekly goals first and then try to follow it. For example, on SUnday afternoon, I think of the week ahead. However, I must admit that I have not become skilled yet in keeping upto my plan. Still, planning does not hurt anyone.

  6. For my Office Humor Blog website, I use a VERY structured post schedule.

    I use the weekends to write the joke of the day for each weekday for the upcoming week (these get posted at around 10:00 am PST). I then write about at least 1 funny news story for each day of the upcoming week (these get posted at around 12:00 am PST). Last, I try to have 1 or 2 “meaty” posts set up; prank, poem, etc. (these are posted around 2:00 PM PST). I then will fill in whatever extra posts I can when I can, though I try to leave me “meaty” posts as the last for the day to give them the most exposure.

    I try to have 3 posts each week day and if possible, 1 a day for the weekends.

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  22. Posting schedules are a good idea for any blog owner.

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