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Update of ProBlogger Competition – Thousands of Dollars in Prizes Donated

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of January 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

After a very hot day here (41 degrees Celsius – 106 degrees fahrenheit) where it was just too hot to sit in front of a computer and blog (plus I was marrying another couple in an outdoor wedding in the heat of the day – crazy stuff) I have logged onto my email tonight to find that the response for my call for Prizes for a ProBlogger competition has been overwhelming.

A massive thank you to all that have responded, at a guess your prizes must total up at a value that exceeds $2500 – and that’s just a conservative estimate).

In 24 hours there have been more prizes than I was expecting entrants in the competition and it’s caused em to pondering if perhaps I might need to re-assess the plans I had for the competition. If you’ve offered a prize and not heard from me yet, I’ll hope to get in touch with you in the next day or two (although tomorrow is going to be 43 degrees (110f) – and could hit 50 in front of my hot PowerMac ;-) ).

You’re welcome to continue offering prizes if you so desire – however I will say that I’m not sure I’ll be able to use them all and may end up saying thanks but no thanks (I hope I don’t offend anyone – I’ll attempt in my reassessing of the competition to expand it to use as many as possible). I particularly probably don’t need any more prizes that are hosting packages from the scan I’ve had of what’s been offered already. We probably already have enough Amazon gift vouchers also at this stage.

As I say – you are free to keep offering prizes though if you have something that might be suitable. I’m particularly looking for a couple of feature prizes for 1st place getters.

Stay tuned for more details of the competition. It may takes me an extra week to implement my bigger plans.

In the mean time – those who entered my domain naming competition will be happy to know that a winner has been selected. I’m now in the process of securing the domain (my host had some problems getting it today so hopefully it will be ours tomorrow) so I will announce the winner as soon as I can after that. I appreciate your patience.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Is that PowerMac “air”-cooled??? ;)

    “It may takes me an extra week to implement my bigger plans.” Man! You’re a tease… but sure know how to keep people visiting… =)

    From Holland where we expect this week to hit MINUS 10 degrees… Brrrrr


  2. Jan/Darren,
    Talk about cold and hot differences. In Russia they aspect today at bit warmer morning than past week; -30 degrees.

    I am also from the Netherlands and to say that -10 is cold ….mmm, of course it is a big difference compared to you Darren.
    Will stay tuned for the new domain and competition.

  3. Yeh, the cold Moscow air has reached Lithuania and I can verify that -25 is indeed very cold, the car won’t even start.

    Being from Brisbane I can say that +40 is just as bad though, probably worse :)

    Makes me really worried for the future of our grand children actually, considering there is a possibility the severe weather is human influenced.

  4. Thanks for the update Darren.
    I emailed, and await your response.

  5. if you need a hand with the domain yell out.

  6. I’ll donate 2 copies of Blog Marketing, a copy of More Space and 500$ in advertising at b5media if you want Darren :) If you don’t need them, though, ignore me ;-)

  7. 78-degrees and sunny in Hawaii today. :)

    Just got back to Oahu from a quick trip to Maui Darren, so I missed your post the day it went up. This is an awesome idea with this contest! You should get a tremendous viral boost from this. :)

    My partner and I would be honored to donate two prizes to help with your contest. We’re shooting for that “feature 1st place prize” with first donation. :) You’ll find details in your email on the $600 membership to the ‘Marketing With Business Blogs’ multi media coaching course. The second donation is a great runner up, a pre-release copy of ‘Business Blogging Secrets Revealed’ master manual, with guest contributor Thomas ‘Pakii’ Pierce.

    Enjoy the balmy weather. :)

  8. I’m glad somebody is making enough money from his blog to donate some or most of it. I make no money from my blog and so there is no way I can donate any of it. Usually when I click on Topsites in my blog the Stats for my blog asre right at the top. Today the site at the top had about 200,000 visitors. I said vow my blog has been discovered. I checked again and so that the blog was not mine. But somebody else’s.

    Anyway congratulations.

  9. I hope you will consider the cash prize offer from my site. This sounds like it is going to be interesting!

  10. So its you who stole summer from the West :-) mildest summer we’ve ever had (december was the coldest on record)…only been a handful of days above 30 that I couldn’t handle :-)

    Do Macs have front USB ports? for about $20-$30 you can buy a USB fan, quite handy for when it gets hot.

  11. Duncan – Sunday was 43 degrees in Melbourne (really, really insane ;-( … so you can steal summer right back from us :-)

  12. it says i won and it says that there is nothing that i have to pay to get in then why does it say that i have to pay a fee off $9.99.. i want to know if i do have to pay even if it says that i dont have to.. also i want to know if i really won.. i can pay the fee with the money you will give the money that i win.. i wont belive it until i see it….

  13. i have gotten a paper that says i won it also says that you dont need to pay anything to enteire but later on it says that i have to pay a fee. i dont understand that.. also i really need to know if i won for real. if i win then i will pay back with the money that i win i will pay the fee. i wont belive it till i see it… plez email me back at [email protected] thak you

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