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TypePad Users Unite!

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of March 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

TypePad users unite! That’s what John T. Unger is hoping for with his new blog TypePad Hacks which has three main objectives:

  1. User Design: Collect useful hacks for extending the capabilities of TypePad blogs.
  2. User Forum: Provide a forum for issues, news and user concerns about SixApart products and service.
  3. User Power: Organize users into a unified voice to lobby SixApart for the features, fixes and changes to TypePad most important to us. Call it consumer advocacy.

You can read more about his objectives here. I know of a few bloggers that I’ll be sending over to connect with John.

TypePad Hacks: Start: The Purpose of This Blog

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  • Thanks Darren!

    The campaign seems to be off to a banner start, and I have some more good stuff on the way. I’d love to hear from your readers.

  • Wow, what a surprise when I saw this domain name. I registered a while back, with the intention of making a Typepad “hacks” blog. Never did get around to it, now I have URL that’s just sitting around. Wonder if John needs it…

  • Hi Victor,

    Oh, that was you! I actually thought the .org domain was more appropriate for what I’m up to but was a wee bit worried when I saw somehad had the .com. Get in touch if you’d like to unload it.