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TypePad update Comment Spam Protection

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of May 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 4

TypePad Hacks reports that TypePad have updated their comment spam protection to allow bloggers to ban specific words and URLS. This is an update of the previous version of this feature which had problems because if you entered words that were part of other words it was a little over zealous and blocked both (ie ‘Banning the word “the” would also ban “theater,” “theremin,” and so on’).

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  1. Thanks, Darren!

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    There’s a blog that I’m addicted to:  Darren Rowse’s "ProBlogger Blog Tips".  I read this blog every other day and come away with that much more knowledge about making money with blogging.  I wish there was more time to read…

  3. Ya its a wise decision to ban certain words and URLs. That would tackle all the spammers and they would comment properly. Lets see how this update version works. Must be better than the previous one.

  4. Curious. Not too long after this update, the referrer information in all 3rd party stats programs tracking Typepad blogs (including the Typepad stat program) has been blocked, or removed, prior to being recorded. So, we haven’t the slightest clue as to where a visitor is coming from.

    Spoke with reps at Six Apart about this, and they agree that it is a problem on their side. Not quite sure why they haven’t mentioned anything on any of their sites. This would save people (like myself) from researching for hours to try and resolve the problem.

    Guess it’s a hush-hush thing until it’s resolved.

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