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Topix Starts Crawling Blogs

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of November 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments has started crawling blogs. They announced yesterday on their Weblog that they’ve added 15,000 blogs to be crawled. This is significant news on two fronts.

Firstly it is yet another way to get your blog exposure. Similarly to being indexed by Google News if you can get into the index at you should get yourself some extra hits as it’s a pretty popular tool.

Secondly this will be useful for bloggers looking for sources of content. Topix offer RSS feeds for any keyword that you add to it so that if any newspaper that it follows has an article with the keyword you get it in your feed. Now it’ll automatically present you with results for blogs and papers. Very handy.

update – funnily enough this very post has been on the front page of Topix for the last 20 minutes or so and has been getting me quite a bit of traffic – illustrating the point I made.

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  • Any suggestions how to get into either Google News or the Topix content?

    I have tried to get my site into Google News for a while, but haven’t cracked it yet… have just suggested at Topix – wonder if I’ll have more success there?

    In fact, I wonder if you have any other suggestions on useful news sites that accept submissions?

    Any hints gratefully accepted (as always ;-) )

    Thanks Darren

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  • I noticed my own blog on Topix about two weeks after I started using it to gather content. I seem to find more stories in it than I do Google News.

  • Thanks a lot – great info about Topix not only for wantign to be in it but for finding interesting subjects. Being rather new to blogging I’m still finding my way around this haystack.

  • I don’t understand this, are they treating blogs as news?

  • Dee

    I just found topix and I like it. I have an Atlanta local events column that i syndicate for a few local papers and it would fit perfectly on the atlanta georgia events page. thanks for the info.

    It will also make me stay focused on the content that particular blog is supposed to be about instead of going off on a tangent and posting something that wouldn’t fit there, or posting something personal.

  • Hm, my blog was apparently one of the 15,000 to make the cut. I haven’t seen any significant increase in traffic, though. It also seems to have stopped crawling my feed sometime yesterday. ooooops!