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Top 100 Blog for Sale

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of January 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Jeremy Wright has just announced that he’s brokering the sale of a fairly significant blog in his MASSIVE Blog for Sale post. He doesn’t say what blog it is but gives a few hints that it’s a fairly sizable one:

‘This is one of the defining blogs in the industry. When I go to conferences and mention the blog, and the author, I get an “oh yeah!” kind of response. Everyone knows this blog. It’s no Engadget, but it is in the top 100 blogs in the world (in every measure but Technorati, which is inherently flawed since it counts all time links).’

Jeremy’s talking sale prices in excess of the $40,000 mark and will be starting an auction later in the week. Fascinating!

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  • Erm, maybe I’m old-fashioned (and with no money) but why would we bid on an unknown blog?

  • And if you guess the blog you can win $100 (USD) and a copy of Jeremy’s “Blog Marketing” book. Go here for more details:

  • Cause my middle name is Danger? heheeh

  • Doubt it’ll be unknown for too long knowing Jeremy.

  • Andy: Nobody’s asking you to bid on an unknown blog. Just that I’m not saying who the blog is until the auction actually starts. Interested buyers are already receiving info on the blog (including name and URL) :)

  • I’ve considered buying a blog or three, but where do you go to find what’s for sale? The only centralized sites I’ve found listing blogs for sale are pure spam. What’s a good way to find web sites or blogs in particular that are for sale (without actually stumbling across them by accident)?

  • has a forum dedicated to selling sites. Every week a few blogs come up for sale.

  • If there is a blog you want to buy just contact the author of the site and see if they are interested in selling. If the author is tired of the blog or site, I am sure they would be interested.

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  • I’m interested in selling my blog but I don’t know what I should be asking for it. I haven’t gotten any response yet from the Sitepoint forum. There’s a couple of points that might be worth discussing here on ProBlogger. A lot of people seem to look only at the current revenue of a blog. Suppose mine is not monetized well. How does a winning Google search term play into the scenario? I’ve got the #1 hit out of 177,000 currently for the buzzword Brangelina. (…shameless promotion) Is the domain name more valuable than the blog itself? Considering the hype over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, would it sell better on eBay for crazy money as supposed to the established Sitepoint community? I heard the 2 podcasts on buying and selling blogs but I’m still not sure the direction to take this.

  • @Veridus:
    I have a post on this subject: Snel geld verdienen? Verkoop je weblog

    It is in Dutch but all links are clickable, so no translations required ;-)

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  • I was browsing online looking for a blog which I could monetize on, but $40,000??! Come on!! Since Google Pagerank is dead anyway, why would I spend that much for a blog???

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  • Al

    Hi, just thought I’d comment on this post.
    You can also find sites for sale over at and you can list yours for free with the option to upgrade.

    Hope this is not considered spamming, but I have just listed my blog for sale over at sitepoint just to test the market. I’m working on getting traffic while it’s for sale. Any one interested just visit my site at
    and leave me a PM if interested.