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Tools for Tracking Search Engine Serps

Leon Kilat has a post that those of you wanting to find a way to keep a track of your Google Search Results Rankings (SERPS) might like to check out. It reviews the Sitening Serp tracker. I use a similar service at Digital Point called Keyword and Back Link Tracker which does a similar thing – although it does take some work as you have to go in each day/week to run it. Actually now that I think about it – I don’t use the tool much at all these days. I’m unsure why – perhaps its because I’m too busy or perhaps SEO has become less of an issue for me.

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  • JP

    Thanks for the info. It’s been only a month since I’ve had my own blog. My blog is actually a community blog, but I’m the major contributor, and I tend to enjoy it more like this… Anyway,been at communities for around 5 months. I’ve gotten my link out to several related sites. It’s listed in all the other major engines, but for some reason Google hasn’t listed it yet.

    Thanks for this tool. If it’s free I’ll probably use it. I want my stuff on Google so bad I can taste it. It’ll be nice to be able to keep a better eye out. Thanks for the tip.



  • Nice catch. That is exactly what I’ve been looking for to try to get a handle on tracking my websites in Google. Guess I’ll have to dig out my API after all. Thanks for the post.

  • Darren, I use DP’s ranking tool as well but I use their cron job script which runs their tool every day. I actually forgot I was even using it until I saw your post :D

  • Personally I use Marketleeps Tools (
    for this sort of thing, as its free and doesn’t require registration, for many I’d think this would be a better alternative, although I do see some of these other sites offer extra features.

  • JT

    Hey Darren,

    On a side not your feedburner said over 57747 today! That sure shot up.

    Also on Google searches… I am turning to MSN (Live) as they are treating me awesome on most of my blogs. Some Google likes better but for the most part MSN is kicking Google’s butt.

    To me Google is going down in quality fast. The search results are not being updated fast enough and as all of us bloggers know the internet changes fast.

  • JT – havn’t seen it hit 57747 yet – must have been a glitch. I’m pretty sure it’s just in the mid to high 6000’s still :-)

  • Ken

    Thanks very much for posting this, it is exactly the tool I was looking for to monitor the progress of my new branding website.

    I sometimes wonder how sites that are at the top of the rankings for popular keywords get there and, more importantly, stay there despite obviously playing the SEO game and having limited content. I would have thought that all the public scrunity would have sent them down the rankings after a very short time.

  • I think Google Sitemaps offers… an easy glance at what your top search terms are and their average ranking.

  • Lol, yeah, feedburner can get a little nuts sometimes. I have also noticed that blogtopsites has been sucking wind lately performance and accuracy wise, in one day it registered 50,000 hits for my site and I don’t get anywhere near that.

    It seems that lately when it’s not spitting out garbage numbers its down =(.

  • Darren, My screen display says your feedburner subscription at 57747. And last night it was over 150,000! I was going to ask about it because I thought it had been closer to 6000. I wonder why some of us would be seeing such high numbers?

    And what does that say about my 9 subscribers, I hope that’s not an equal exaggeration!

    And the more I learn about this blogging business, the happier I am that it takes up to 2 years for a blog to get going. There’s so much to learn, it would be horrible if I had to make all my mistakes while a thousand (or more) people watched.

    I’ve never checked my search engine rank. But, I’ve noticed lots of people coming from Google and Yahoo in the past month.

  • JT

    Still says 57747, from a different computer. by the way Darren thanks for all your help.

  • I’ve found myself ignoring my Digital Point reports a lot recently, mostly because my blog stats tell me how I’m ranking for particular keywords.

    Now, if there were a set of keywords I wanted to rank for, I might monitor those for a while to see how I was doing.

  • This is nice man!

  • Geoffrey

    I am using WatchRank. it is nice tool

  • This is still a great tool in 2007.

    I’ve added to the Professional Web Developer’s Wiki:

    under SEO Tools



  • I dont know why, but this tool hasnt collected serp`s for my sites?