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This weekend is a Speed Posting Weekend!

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of April 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Speed-PostingThis weekend is a long weekend here in Australia (for ANZAC day) and it’s also my birthday on Sunday… so this weekend I want to try something a little different here on ProBlogger.

Yesterday I asked my followers on Twitter if they had any questions that they wanted me to answer on ProBlogger. There was a great array of questions submitted and over the next three days I’m going to answer 20 or so of them.

But here’s the catch – I could quite easily write long posts on almost every question submitted – but I’m going to set myself a little challenge and give myself a maximum of 3 minutes to answer each question.

I’m calling it ‘Speed Posting’.

3 minutes isn’t long to write a post and as a result they’re not going to go into great depth – but the object is to get through as many questions as I can over the weekend and for my posts to be discussion starters.

  1. I’ll post the question
  2. begin to answer it with a few of my own thoughts (3 minutes of madness)
  3. then hand it over to you to continue the discussion

Answer the Question and Win a Prize

As a little incentive for adding your own answers – I’m going to put up 3 ProBlogger Books as a prizes for three readers who leave a comment over the next three days (I’ll choose one comment at random from each day and announce them on Monday).

Hold on to your hats – this could be a crazy weekend!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Nice little idea Darren. So I can expect a full RSS reader this weekend huh!

  2. Darren,
    Happy birthday early and here’s to thanking those in the military for their service on ANZAC day.

  3. Happy almost birthday, Darren! My only question is “Does this post count” to win your book?

  4. Happy birthday a couple days early, Darren. Looking forward to the “speed posts.” And for a shot at a ProBlogger book – you can count me in!

  5. I KNOW we can expect a follow-up email about how this turns out! Happy Birthday! – Mere

  6. Happy birthday Darren. you rock ! ;)

  7. Killer idea! This will be interesting!

  8. Oh, woah! Call me slow…I didn’t realize you were located in Australia until this post. Sheesh.

    I spare a thought every April 25. I also take my Australian flag into the office every January 26. Happy Birthday, Darren.


  9. I realized that I have the most things to write about when I”m producing my video podcast. I can document a lot of things and come up with a lot of “how-to”s for the process. So I sure will go back into production as soon as my new camera arrives!

  10. Sounds like fun. Happy birthday and thanks for the giveaway.

  11. evil idea to get a lot of comments in your blog. I liked the idea.

  12. Wonderful idea! Sounds fun! Also, Happy Birthday!!!!

  13. Looks good! Will be watching for those posts Darren. Happy birthday for Sunday to! :)

  14. Happy birthday! This sounds like an awesome idea. :)

  15. Happy Birthday Darren! Have fun posting like a mad-man!

  16. Sounds pretty cool, i look forward to it

  17. this sounds like a great idea … Darren happy early birthday just incase if I forget to tell you on sunday.

  18. This will be exciting. Happy birthday Darren!

  19. Where do you find the motivation to make the header graphics of these posts?

  20. I am always amazed at your inventiveness for new ideas to generate both comments and blog ideas.

    Happy Birthday for Sunday

  21. In honor of your posting madness I think I will clean up my backlog of posting ideas for my blogs. All I have to do is:

    Shut down Twitter
    Shut down Outlook
    Shut down messenger
    Shut down Adsense Notifier
    Stop refreshing CNN, Google Analytics, Digg, Reddit

    And start typing more than reading

  22. Cool, and happy b-day a couple of days early!

  23. A fantastic idea. And Happy Birthday!

  24. Darren, Advanced B’day wishes..
    The idea of “Speed Posting” sounds great and if it will help me get a copy of your wonderful book, why should i stay away!!!

    I’m in….

  25. What a great idea! Happy birthday next sunday :-).

  26. Happy Birth Day Darren :)

  27. Happy Birthday for Sunday Darren.

    Can Big Fev and the Blues get up and win for you this weekend?

  28. I listened to the bugle this morning and it always brings a lump to my throat as does the ode in the RSL. My dad turned 80 last February and he does not March because he says he does not want to remember. But we will remember for them.

    How convenient to have a long weekend on your birthday. My sister is likewise blessed being born on the 26th Jan. Many happy returns for Sunday. Hope it stops raining for you.

  29. Hi Darren, any chance I could slip in a late question:
    “What are the top 5 things a blogger should work at when setting up a first site?”

    No worries if you’re already full with suggestions. I hope you have a holiday weekend with your family along with all this blogging. Cheers.

  30. I would like to personally wish you a very happy and pleasant birthday. All the best wishes to you and your family on a very special day (Sunday).

    I have been participating as much as I can in the speed postings and I’ve been trying to help out by giving as many tips and tricks as I can think of. I am really enjoying it so far and I look forward to new questions for me to give my two cents worth on.

    Once again, a very happy birthday and I know that ProBlogger will experience even greater growth in 2008. Have a great day on Sunday.

    Many Thanks and Kind Regards,
    Your Australian Teen Blogging Buddy

  31. Hey Darren.

    Dude, you continue to amaze me with all the creative ways you have to come up with new material for your blog. I especially like this type of idea – where you interact with us (your audience).

    Miguel Alvarez

  32. Happy Birthday and enjoy your Sunday to the fullest!

  33. God Bless on your birthday–have many more-especially healthy one’s–how about posting the name of the books so that i may buy one–winning will never happen–i can not even catch a cold!!
    God Bless ya and yours

  34. Im following ProBlogger on Twitter and read my first link on answering the Q on how to find Relevent blog readers. So, call ME slow, but is Darren the publisher of Problogger?

    And this sounds fun …Speed Posting. When and how do we start?

    Julie Wolf

  35. Here from Sue and with you A Happy Birthday and a great weekend – all the way from Norway :-)

  36. Happy Birthday Darren.
    That’s a great way to get some quick post material and build up some twitter integration.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  37. Hi Darren, Happy Birthday. Hope you can relax without Twitter:) Sorry, I missed the Twitter post for asking the question.

  38. Darren, happy birthday, hope to get twit twit from you soon :)

  39. hi darren,

    happy birthday,
    nice idea by integratting tweet with your blog.

    can expect more and more comments from Twitter “=”

  40. awesome idea.

  41. Clement says: 05/08/2008 at 4:19 am

    Darren, you’re good. What a great way to leverage and put your twitter profile into the spotlights ;).

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