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Thinking of Creating an eBook? Here’s a System to Guide You Through It

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of June 2011 Other Income Streams 0 Comments

If there’s one question that I get asked more than any other at the moment it is about eBooks. In fact there are three main questions that I’m asked on the topic of eBooks more than any other:

  1. How do I create content for eBooks?
  2. How do I design beautiful eBooks (covers and internal design)?
  3. How do I market and launch eBooks to maximise their potential?

Over the last few years selling eBooks has become a larger and larger part of my business (in fact its now the #1 way I earn a living) and these three questions have been the same three big issues that I’ve had to grapple with time and time again.

To be honest I’m still refining my systems even now after years at it but in the early days the process was very very messy and quite hit and miss.

The learning was slow – nobody had written a comprehensive guide to walk me through the process, so I had to really develop my own way forward.

This week Kelly Kingman and Pamela Wilson have released a fantastic guide to walk eBook publishers through a great system of creating, designing and launching eBooks.

It’s called the eBook Evolution.


Having just reviewed it today I can safely say it is what I needed a few years back when I was starting out – it would have paid for itself many times over by now.

Pamela and Kelly bring some great skills and experiences to this eBook. Pamela is a graphic designer with many years of experience and Kelly is a published author and experienced eBook creator. I’ve been so impressed by Kelly’s previous eBooks that we’re actually working together on a photography eBook to be released in the next weeks – she knows what she is doing!

Together they’ve created eBook Evolution which is divided into 3 areas corresponding with those 3 common questions about eBooks:

  1. Write it – from choosing your topic through to writing your manuscript
  2. Create it – eBook Evolution gives you some great templates to use to help you create a beautiful eBook. You also get a Cover Recipe book to make attractive covers. This section has some great screencasts as well as templates you can use to do your own eBook design.
  3. Launch it – some fantastic tips on how to get word about your eBook out there to the right people to help you promote it.

On top of that you get some great bonuses including a Quick Start Guide, a brainstorming guide to help you come up with ideas and some useful interviews.

The eBook Evolution is available for $147. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If eBooks are on the horizon for you (or even if you’re already publishing them) but you’re unsure how to develop a system to write, create and launch the – this is a guide that you’ll seriously want to consider.

As I said above – if this had been around 2-3 years ago I could see that it would have returned the $147 investment many times over (all I’d have had to do is sell an extra eight $19.99 ebooks over the last few years from what I learned to make the money back).

Learn more about what the eBook Evolution includes and secure your own copy here

Disclaimer: While I am an affiliate for this product I am also a big fan of Kelly, Pamela and the wonderful resource that they’ve created.

Note: This post has been updated after the initial launch special of this product ended.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. wow.. impressive intro and sales page :-)
    Darren, perhaps your next ebook should be on How To’s of that :-0)

    Or does this ebook cover about writing an awesome sales page as well?

    • Not sure whether that was a compliment or a dig ;) I am sure you meant the best …..

      @darren – I think these kind of refined resources make blogging really easy and professional . Not to mention that they sell good and also provide value to the buyer … Since everybody these days seems to be very knowledgeable , selling knowledge hardly makes the mark , its all about sellng expertise and this book does the same . Going over to buy it right away !

    • First: Darren, thanks for the kind words!

      @Persha: I do cover the basic framework for a sales page in the Launch Guide, which is what I used when writing the eBook Evolution one, with a few embellishments. The guide is not in-depth on the copywriting because I think trust building and “word of mouse” are more effective. I think great images and lots of white space help a lot, too.

  2. Yep, a little pricey, but beautifully pitched! Still, I do take your advice on things, and when my blog makes it’s first one hundred and fifty dollars, I’ll be sure to invest. Cheers, clea

  3. You can learn alot about marketing eBooks (or just about anything in general) just by looking at the way Darren presells, the way Pamela and Kelly make use of the time scarcity technique and the impressive sales copy.

    If anything I encourage you to click through to read the sales copy and buy it if it’s something you feel you need =)

  4. James Greg says: 06/16/2011 at 5:14 pm

    Well it’s pricey but I think after reading the full content should we know of it’s real value. But this is a great help as I don’t know anyone has brought to light the solutions of the problems faced when marketing an e-book.

    • yep – certainly not the cheapest resource around and totally understand its not going to be for everyone on that front. I guess the key is to only grab it if you’re actually going to give it a red hot go and work hard to earn it back – its certainly not going to be something to buy and let ‘sit on the eBook shelf’ :-)

  5. a bit pricey but this a good investment for someone who wants to create their own e-book.

  6. Darren,

    Thanks for the posting man! Seriously!

    I know there are a rather large group pf people out there who really need this information.

    Back when I first started building ebooks for sale, there were no other courses or even resources to help you get started and even finish.

    But now, I can see how this one resource can be so incredible for someone looking to make their first buck online. Because, they can simply learn how to do it, create one for themselves, sell it and even use their new found knowledge to create it for others at the many different outsourcing sites such as elance.

    Look, in the end… knowledge will separate you from the pack, but the application will put you at the front of it.

    If anyone is considering the thought of learning how to create an ebook, I’d suggest starting here. There’s simply not that many resources out there teaching this kind of stuff.

    Thanks for the posting, awesome job!


  7. Hi Darren,

    I’m searching around for a course that could help me set up a “ClickBank Membership Product”. The software to use and how to get it approved by the guys at ClickBank.

    A blog post from you would be awesome or someone you know that has managed to launch a course on there!…

    Thanks again,


  8. Hey Darren,
    I created one eBook so far and have sold some copies as well. The one thing that I need is some graphic software to help improve the look and design of the Ebook. I will check out the link and see what is there.

    • Justin, the best software i ever came across to make ebooks (and other publications as well) is Adobe InDesign. I know it is a expensive application, but it is the best i know.

  9. Sounds like an excellent resource for beginners itching to put together an ebook. While I presume if you click over to the testimonials’ pages you can find some of the cover designs, it would be more helpful if there were some examples of the creations directly on the page.

    • Hi Amy,

      If you’ve just come across the page today this won’t be helpful, but all of the free information we’ve shared: the Manifesto; Launch Personality Quiz; Mini Cover Recipes Book, and Launch Checklist were created using our eBook Evolution templates. We thought we out to demonstrate what they were capable of, and what better way than to create all of our materials using them?

      In addition, Kelly’s 68-page launch guide, the full Cover Recipes book, all the worksheets and instructional PDFs in the product itself were done using the templates. We put them through their paces!

  10. Wonder if it is worth, knowing that i already bought the “How To Launch the *** Out Of Your Ebook”. I’d like to hear Darren here, since you already read both.


    • Bernardo – I think they make great companion resources if you can afford it. They’re not exactly the same by any means but there is some overlap of ideas for sure.

      • My blog already generates a monthly income. It’s not much, but it is already a start. I can grab this income and put it into something that will enable me to make more money, i don’t have problem with this.

        But i need someone to tell me which main differences i will find between both, so i can decide if it is worth the extra expanse. Can you help me?


  11. I bought my copy last night, haven’t had a chance to go through it yet, but am very excited about it. Not familiar with Kelly’s work but Pamela I know from Big Brand System, and her design advice is always spot on. Looking forward to checking it out and putting it into action!

  12. Darren and everyone else,
    I welcome guidance on how to create a digital ebook 3D like image I see people using on their site to promote their book. I have searched online but not found anything I can use.

    A free or inexpensive resource will be much appreciated so I can use it and also pass on the link to the resource to other new bloggers.

    Thank you all in advance,


    • David, we recommend BoxShot 3D. It’s not free — the last time I checked it was about $80 — but it’s worth every penny if you plan to use it at least a handful of times. It’s a standalone application, so you don’t need Photoshop like some other 3D programs.

      I’ve used it to create high-res 3D images, some of which have run in ads in the Wall Street Journal! It’s a great little piece of software.

  13. Jordan Lewis says: 06/17/2011 at 10:43 pm

    Darren, thanks so much for this recommendation. I bought this when I saw this post go up yesterday and have devoured it.

    I have since identified what I want my eBook to be about (actually I have ideas for the next 2 as well) and have begun writing and have also begun to reach out to a few bloggers in my niche to help promote it (one has already agreed).

    My feeling is that ebook evolution would be a complete waste of money to anyone not wanting to implement – but for anyone willing to take action it’s a bargain and I’m confident that it will not only lead to profit but will lead me to grow in my own skills and give me the tools I need to do some exciting things with what I know.

  14. The space of time allotted to grab the discounted copy was way too short. I would have grabbed this at $97 but there’s no way I can justify paying $147 sight unseen. Too bad, I was looking forward to this. Guess I’ll try to find something else to help with Ebook publication.

  15. Rosalind says: 06/23/2011 at 7:59 pm

    I’d rather save my money and do the research for myself. $147 is not a little bit of money to part with in this economy.

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