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Things Bloggers Should Know Before Using Google Adwords

Posted By Guest Blogger 7th of October 2014 General 0 Comments

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This is a guest contribution from Jignesh Gohel.

Google Adwords has been the most popular tool for online advertising. It is easy enough to set, optimize and start reaping the profits. However, a few know that it can be a highly relevant tool for bloggers too. Many popular blogs are already using Google Adwords to popularize and monetize the sites. While you might already be using other advertisement platforms, Google Adwords opens new ways to rise to the top.

Adwords, as such integrates several different methods for advertising. Trying to get deeper, you can actually be astonished by the largely unnoticed tools that were right there in front of you all this time. Things like advertising on keywords with paid search, advertising on display networks including local news websites or YouTube, etc can be quite fulfilling. Remarketing is another way that Google Adwords leverages the power of paid searches and is considered the highest ROI variant of online advertising. While many bloggers believe that only organic content is the best way to get to the top, paid search too can lend a helping hand. Promoting your content with paid search marketing provides additional opportunity in content marketing. Google Adwords allows bloggers to create ads and generate paid traffic for blog, but with some underlying constraints. Google adwords has pre-defined policy and strict monitoring system which reject or even ban the advertisers who violate their policies. Here are few important policies for bloggers or content marketers.

Google Adwords policies to drive traffic

As said earlier, Google Adwords presents a great platform for blog promotion but also integrates several important restrictive policies

1. Arbitrage

Among the most important Adwords policies, Arbitrage doesn’t allow promotion of blogs that have specifically been designed for the showcasing advertisements. This is line with Google’s favor for unique, original and useful content. Excessive advertising makes your blog unsuitable to advertise with Google Adwords and in some cases; the account can even be suspended. If your blog or websites is primarily focusing on following types of content, it may come under radar of “arbitrage” policy.

  • Websites designed primarily for ads
  • Websites showcasing interstitial ads (pop up ads)
  • Websites with scraped content
  • Pre-generated and template content
  • Auto-generated and gibberish content
  • Websites involving deceptive navigation, indistinguishable content or malicious ads
  • Websites integrating ad keywords irrelevant to the core content

2. Bridge Page

Adwords doesn’t support websites/blogs with Bridge Pages. Also referred to as doorway pages, it means landing pages that automatically link up to a completely different site. This is the characteristics with most affiliate websites but aren’t Adwords compliant. As such, these are also the pages that offer the visitor with no/marginal content and are solely meant to redirect traffic.

3. Information Harvesting

Websites/blogs that involve content meant to collect personal information from visitors aren’t supported under Adwords. These would involve websites that offer “free gifts” in exchange for personal information or web pages harvesting sensitive information (bank account details, credit card numbers, etc) over unsecured connections.

If your website is not harvesting information but collect sensitive information from customer, you must install SSL certificate on your website. Google Adwords information harvesting policy strictly recommends that the information mentioned below should transmit over secure processing servers (https):

  • Debit and credit card numbers
  • Bank/investment account details/numbers
  • Wire transfer numbers
  • Checking account numbers
  • Social security, pension, national identity, driver’s license, health care or Tax ID numbers

If you blog is running on HTTPS, it also had added advantages in Google organic search result. You can easily get FREE SSL certificate from startssl or ssl2buy that can easily installed on your server by following these simple steps.

Tips for bloggers to adhere to Google Adwords policies

The primary goal of Google remains the same – to provide unique, original and representative content to its users. Adwords, as such integrates the same policies to make the experience on the search engine more comfortable for users. Bloggers who plan to be successful with Google Adwords need to:

  1. Use original and unique content as opposed to scraped ones
  2. Stop using intestinal and excessive ads
  3. Stop using blogs solely for the purpose of advertising
  4. Create campaigns with content relevant keywords and format
  5. Avoid trying to harvest user/visitor information
  6. Understand and follow Google adword policies strictly

Creating good content is always half the battle won. It is more important to get it to people who would consider it benefitting. Content promotion strategies integrated into Google Adwords for bloggers can get you ahead of your competitors. As such, experienced content marketers spend as much on promotion as they would on trying to generate the likable, linkable and sharable asset. Google Adwords seems to be a relevant tool that every bloggers should try.

Jignesh Gohel is Founder & CEO of online business consulting agency OLBUZ specializing in eCommerce, products and small business marketing. In his minuscule spare time, Jignesh enjoys nature photography and yoga. You can follow him on Twitter or reach out to him via Linkedin.

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This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. DrewryNewsNetwork does NOT engage in any of those deceptive tactics in order to drive organic traffic from search engines and social networks. Blogs and websites with lots of ads should diversify their ad strategy more to the point of only showcasing category specific adverts alongside meaningful and lengthy unique content.

    When sites auto-scrape content from other sites and republish without proper attribution, little do they know they are hurting their online credibility. In addition, when sites engage in scraping content from other sites long-term, they get delisted from search engine results pages in Bing, Google, and YaHoO!, and it very difficult to achieve a reconsideration to be reindex back in the SERPs.

    Last but not least, people who create doorway pages just for the purpose of driving traffic to a completely different niche site is dishonest. This is why affiliates and bloggers who do stuff like that never achieve the possibility of making money online full time from affiliate programs, because they’re too busy and fixated on making a fast buck the “easy street” way.

    • Jignesh Gohel says: 10/07/2014 at 11:35 pm

      Completely agree with your feedback,
      Google’s is constantly updating its algorithm to penalize low quality websites serving copy or spinned content.
      Running an affiliate websites will not a problem if you can add some value.

  2. I have been using adwords off and on for three years but I didnt know to use it properly. Maybe I will give it another go after learning a little more. SO thanks!

    • Jignesh Gohel says: 10/07/2014 at 4:29 pm

      Thank you for your comment Marty,

      As Google adwords offers various modules and features, it is bit difficult for one to understand everything. What i recommend is; initially focus on features that is require for your business promotion. Keep learning !

      All the best.

  3. And by the way, AdWords is a little challenging for newbie Google account owners. I think this will inspire me to think about pursuing my AdWords certification in the future, so i can have a better understanding how to use PPC to leverage traffic and increase affiliate commissions.

    • Jignesh Gohel says: 10/07/2014 at 11:31 pm

      Drewry, preparing for Google adwords certificate will really help you to gain lot of knowledge about paid advertisement. Being a Google adwords certified professional, i strongly recommend going for practical campaign management experience. It will help a lot to crack advance exam!

      All the best

      • Jignesh,

        Thanks alot for the encouragement and helpful advice. I’m confident that once I pass the AdWords exam GOD willing in the future, I’ll have extensive knowledge how to write award-winning Google ads that’ll convert like there’s no tomorrow, which will also possibly quadruple my income as an affiliate marketer. Is the exam still $50?

        • Jignesh Gohel says: 10/15/2014 at 1:36 am

          If you work hard and follow instruction provided in Google adwords exam material, no one can stop you achieving this certification.

          The exam is now FREE for all!

  4. I’ll admit, I don’t use Adwords very often.

    When I do, however, there’s only one page I’ll ever promote – a squeeze page for a free product. Adwords is only ever worth paying for if you get a positive return on investment. Most people won’t buy the first time they land on your page, even if it’s for a very highly targeted keyword. People are much more likely to opt-in for your email list, however. You’ll make way more on average if you can get an email address from them than hoping they’ll buy whatever it is your promoting.

    I have no idea how people use Adwords to promote their blogs. I couldn’t possibly see how they could generate a positive ROI with that, but I guess I still have a lot to learn.

    • The ROI of any adwords campaign is depending upon various factors like, the relevancy of your landing page, the product, offers, relevancy of keyword, target audiences etc.

      “Most people won’t buy the first time they land on your page, even if it’s for a very highly targeted keyword. ”
      I am not completely agree with your given comment as i have seen huge ratio of first time buyer for most of my Adwords clients. Still, you can use Remarketing campaign to attract the prospect who already visited your website through adwords.

  5. I just want to point out that a lot of people overpay for PPC advertising. Many times you can get all the traffic you want for around 5 cents if you are able to come up with enough keywords. Many people target specific keywords and have to pay $3.00 or more per click.

    On the flip side of this, you can make your keywords too general and your acquired traffic will not be the quality you would like.

  6. Adwords is little confusing for a non techy person like me and especially for beginners.Anyway I would love to try it after reading this.Thanks

  7. I do always use adwords for my keyword research and yeah I must it’s really a helpful tool.Every blogger should go for this.

  8. Hi Darren,

    Wonderful post. Really you are a treasure chest of great ideas! Again, wow. I am going to print out this post and have this at my side, within reach, at all times. Thank for sharing such an excellent and informative post.

  9. Have only used Adwords sparingly in the past. Never was really successful with them. Perhaps I was using them wrong.

    • Jignesh Gohel says: 10/10/2014 at 4:32 pm

      May be true! again, it is totally depending upon how you are understanding your target persona. Recently i got an inquiry from one business complaining about very low ROI. You will be surprised to know that most of their spending was on mobile advertisement and their website was not mobile friendly!

      Such small points plays an important role while you are promoting your business through adwords or any other paid marketing tools.

  10. Using adwords for several years but didn’t yet got an impressive result.Maybe I have to rethink about the way am using.

  11. great information about adwords advertising,i think this is a turning point of my growth.

  12. Is Adwords different from Adsense? Does it roll ads into your blog based on the content you’re writing about? That’s a problem for me because I write about consumer issues. I don’t want ads rolling in about the bad prescription drugs or other negative things for consumers that I’m writing about.

  13. Indeed AdWords is the king when it comes to online advertising.
    Many lost a lot of money because they did not set campaigns properly.
    Before starting with Adwords is recommended to understand the system.

    • Jignesh Gohel says: 10/10/2014 at 4:28 pm

      Adword is definitely King for any businesses who needs quick profitable promotions. I do agree with your point on understanding the system before you start spending money or hire an agency or Individual who already knows it. This will save your money, time and can give best result.

  14. you are a treasure chest of great ideas!

  15. Yes,creating good content is always half the battle won.

  16. Adwords is fine for sites which are business oriented. or That have a profit motive which is readily apparent. For general info sites I had bad luck. My 2cents

  17. thanks Mann, please I have a question. my site runs google AdSense and I need for traffic. if I us AdWords on my blog will it affect my Google AdSense account? does AdSense support AdWords site? help out.

  18. Dipurani Bedage says: 10/14/2017 at 6:47 pm

    hi i want to know if we can activate adword through wordpress cos i feel blogspot bit difficult ..can we ??

    • Hi Dipurani ,you can certainly advertise on wordpress sites if that site is signed up. I couldn’t say whether WordPress is better than Problogger, it will dependent on how effective you are at AdWords more than you knowledge of WP or Problogger.

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