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Theme Week: Make Money on Your Blog by Partnering with Brands

Posted By Stacey Roberts 29th of June 2014 Blogging for Dollars 0 Comments

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For all of you who have considered (or are already) partnering with brands on your blog, this week is for you. We give you the lowdown on:

  • advertising on your blog – whom to approach, what kind of advertising works best, where to put ads for best visibility, etc
  • working with brands – staying professional, your unique voice, sponsorship, ambassadorships, affiliates, etc
  • creating a media kit – what you need to include, how to create it, samples of excellent media kits
  • marketing yourself – creating pitches that get noticed, using the right language, whom to approach
  • where to find advertisers and creating an online profile

As always, we hope you find it useful. We’ll also get together at the end of the week and chat about what we’ve learned and what we will try going forward.

Each day will have a new post, so keep checking back. We’ll also add the links here, so you can bookmark this page and refer to it whenever you need.

Partnering with Brands Theme Week:

Advertising 101

Ways to Collaborate With Brands and Earn an Income on Your Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Media Kit

Marketing Yourself

Putting it all Together and Getting Started

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About Stacey Roberts
Stacey Roberts is the Managing Editor of ProBlogger.net: a writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd balancing it all with being a stay-at-home mum. She writes about all this and more at Veggie Mama. Chat with her on Twitter @veggie_mama, follow on Pinterest for fun and useful tips, peek behind the curtain on Instagramand Snapchat, listen to her 90s pop culture podcast, or be entertained on Facebook.
  1. This sounds great. Just posted a thread discussing the upcoming CJU meetup in Santa Barbara and how partnering with companies can make money for anyone. How do you feel about paid press release marketing?

    • Stacey Roberts says: 06/30/2014 at 11:41 am

      I’ve never heard of it! That’s not the kind of brand partnership I do on my blog.

  2. Hey Stacey, I think it’s a cool opportunity for us. My blog doesn’t look quite professional yet. So, I’m eagerly waiting for the tips this week.

    • Stacey Roberts says: 06/30/2014 at 11:43 am

      We all have to start somewhere! I hope this week is useful to you.

  3. Looking forward to it, especially a how to for media kits. Thanks!

  4. The partnering with brands concept sounds interesting. A challenge will be one of impartiality; if you’re writing about cars ‘in conjunction’ with BMW, for example, one would expect not too much criticism of BMW’s cars!

    • Stacey Roberts says: 06/30/2014 at 11:43 am

      I’ve seen impartiality done exceptionally well in the last few years. I love a brave blogger!

  5. Yes, good brand able to drive sales and make money. We need prepare a good material to promote it along with the brand

  6. Hi ,

    Great list about stop struggling.Thank you for posting such a useful website. Your weblog happens to be not just informative but also very stimulating too.

  7. Blogging for brands can be great source of serious money especially if we have good popularity on the blogosphere. Besides the tips above, may be we can be more proactive in offering those brands partnership or attending various of their events.

  8. Applying adsense or finding advertisers by our own…which is best Stacey ?

  9. There is no doubt that partnering with brands is powerful and profitable. It takes a really good blogger to make the connection, build the relationship and write articles that aren’t too “promotional”. I t can be done though.

  10. My blog is very new. For the next six months, I’ll only concentrate on writing and blog marketing. But this week, I’ll try to learn new things from you.

  11. Excellent Stacey. It helps to reach out to powerhouse brands. When it all comes down to it, we’re all about the principle of leveraging. Give something of value away to entice influential brands to work with you.

    The secret? Be persistent. Ask brands to partner by offering something to catch their eye and of course, churn out top shelf content to make your blog attractive. These simple tips offer you the greatest returns over the long haul.

  12. I think this is really great info and i think we should must follows to seniors like you woh have enough knowledge about blogging i think everyone can get success to follow by all these

  13. Fantastic timing Stacey! I’ve only just felt ready to pursue this avenue after almost twelve months. Looking forward to catching up on these posts and implementing the strategies.

  14. Brands are beginning to engage increasingly more social media and promotion through blogs is one of the most important elections in this endeavor. However, there are still many relationship sensitive brands-bloggers, which prevents both parties to gain the maximum results.
    One problem is that many brands still see blogs as a source of free PR. Brands are content, which is expected to receive free and does not give much time and attention to building a relationships with bloggers.
    Another sticking point is the lack of training of those who initiate campaigns. It is quite easy to become ‘expert’ in social media today, and are increasingly more people who feel qualified to work with bloggers to make requests and start relationships without knowing much about the topic. A good PR person is hard to find but easy to recognize.

  15. I think this is really great info,I’ve never heard of it! That’s not the kind of brand partnership I do on my blog.

  16. Hi, i have a though why not use this on company homepage and earn… For ex. I have a great number of visitors to one of my sites that could be interested in different brands. Anyway thanks for great Reading // Tobias

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