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The Silly Season Kicks Off

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of November 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Has anyone else noticed that in the last few days things seem to have taken off in terms of traffic?

I can only really put it down to it being just over a month to go until Christmas but the past 48 hours have seen a nice bump in traffic across most of my blogs – especially those which are product related. Of course the corresponding jumps in earnings are there in both Adsense and eMiniMalls with the later achieving a record day for me yesterday in direct earnings (they’ve steadily improved for me since the large slump on 16 November due to design changes).

I noticed yesterday that my referral earnings for the eMinimalls referrals program also went up which makes me wonder if others are experiencing bumps in traffic over the past few days also. This is what happened for me also in the days before the US Thanksgiving holiday – they tend to continue to rise until the day or two before Christmas – when they generally die for a few weeks.

How have your traffic levels been over the past few days?

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  • Xm

    Do you remember guys that Xmas is coming soon?
    You can find exclusive gifts at :

    Dont forget about Christmas and your family!

  • Tom

    Yep traffic has been up about 20 percent this week. Folks must be researching gift ideas.

  • Jimmy

    Yes, web traffic is up plus good CTR for AdSense, but average CPC are very low (total 50% lower than week ago).
    Are there any one have same effect?

  • Yes, same here. Although there is a great difference in the english pages and dutch pages. Maybe this has got to do with the difference in seasons. The earnings on the dutch adds are much lower in general.
    Rgs Erno

  • Jimmy

    Is anything to do with AdSense recent “content bids ” or “smart pricing”???

    I don’t know that caused by the “Advertisers’ low bids” or “AdSense themselves”?

    It’s the $$$ question.

    Wiating for more competition in the contextual advertising field.

    Industrial “monopoly” symptoms 101

  • Mine is much more to do with more traffic. CTR and click values are in the normal range for me.

  • My traffic has nearly doubled the last two days. Since I blog about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, I figure people are slowing down at their jobs and just goofing off before the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Search engine traffic is up, but ad income is down for me this week. I figure general activity will be pretty slow the rest of the holiday.

  • I’ve seen a marked increase in traffic over the last few days, and also an increase in CTR & CPC.

    Very nice indeed :D

  • I’ve not only seen a drop in income, but also in traffic, in the past two weeks. I’m getting the most ridiculously low (and occasionally the highest) payouts per click I’ve ever seen.

    What’s more, American Thanksgiving is this wekeend (not a couple of weeks ago, like I might have mistakenly blogged about). Which means even lower traffic, since most of my visitors are from the US.

    Hmmm. Methinks I won’t get any of that Christmas bounty you speak of, Darren. However, my multiple-moving-average/ trend-line graphs show me that over the past 5 months, my average daily traffic and income is still rising, albeit very slowly. When my long-term window’s average starts to drop, then I’ll worry.

  • No bump for me. Traffic is increasing, but at a lower rate than normal for the past two weeks.

  • I’ve had a significant increase in traffic and Adsense revenue. Traffic is up around 30% and Adsense is up 50%. Great week!

  • TAD

    I’ve seen some weird spikes just in the past couple of days, that I’m not sure how to explain. I think since I moved my blog from typepad to a custom wordpress site, Google is finally starting to catch up on it’s spidering.

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