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The Latest State of the Blogosphere

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of August 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Sifry is doing another State of the Blogosphere series – the first of which looks at some overall growth figures of the Blogging community. Here’s his summary points:

‘Technorati was tracking over 14.2 Million weblogs, and over 1.3 billion links in July 2005

The blogosphere continues to double about every 5.5 months

A new blog is created about every second, there are over 80,000 created daily

About 55% of all blogs are active, and that has remained a consistent statistic for at least a year

About 13% of all blogs are updated at least weekl’

The posts later in the week will probably shed more light on the topic of the state of the blogging community – I’m especially interested in what they’ve got to say about the rise of fake blogs which in my anecdotal evidence seems to be an increasing problem.

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  • Wow, one blog every second … if this number will grow then will shortly be more new blogs than newborn babies. ;-)

  • Yea Miha, but the mortality rate of blogs is rather short. I am willing to bet that a vast majority of blogs have been abandoned or they are not posted to very often. I go to all the time and use their next button at the top to see different blogs. A lot of them have not been posted to a week or more.

  • They need a blog obituaries. There’s a website to start…

  • Scott – that’s not a bad idea :-)