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The Last 63 Lists – Group Writing Project Submissions – Part 4

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of August 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments


Thanks to everyone who has particiapted in this week’s Group Writing Project.

It is now officially closed for submissions (I’ve been waiting for parts of the Pacific to get to the end of Thursday). Below are the final 63 submissions which brings the total number of participants this week to 301!

It’s amazing what offering prizes will do (although I think it’s also about this week’s project being a bit more accessible than previous ones in terms of topic).

Speaking of prizes – our wonderful sponsors of this week’s project (The Gold Pages Directory, The Umdum.com Web Directory, URLTrends , Blake Schwendiman and Earners Forum) have each donated a gift (see below for details). Now that the week is complete I’m going to draw the prizes. This will take me an hour to do so look out for a post shortly with this week’s winners.

In the mean time – here are the last round of reader submissions (the full list of all 301 submissions are here):

Lists – Group Writing Project – Reader Submissions


  • URLTrends have kindly donated a Premium upgraded account worth $90 that will help them track their search engine ranking over time. Thanks to Joel Strellner for this donation.
  • The Umdum.com Web Directory have donated a Sinic Eye and Brain Massager (just what every ProBlogger needs). They’ve also kindly offered every participant in this week’s group writing project a free listing in their directory. Thanks to Loren Baker for this donation.
  • Blake Schwendiman has donated a $100 gift voucher from Amazon to be used in any way that they see fit. Thanks Blake!
  • Earners Forum have kindly donated a new Dell PC and LCD monitor – to the value of $500. Earners Forum is a great place for discussions around all kinds of topics of earning money online. Thanks to Lee Dodd for this donation.
  • The Gold Pages Directory has donated $500 in digital cash that can be spent on products and services or withdrawn to a prepaid ATM card and used as cash. The Gold Pages Directoryis the largest online currency/digital gold directory on the web and is now three years old. Thanks to Mark Herpel for this donation.
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Some of todays lists are amazing, I love the “you know blogging is taking over your life..” article.

    Great work everyone! Very entertaining.

  2. Awesome contest Darren, out of the last round I thought the “7 personal finance tips” was a good one. http://www.mymoneyforest.com/7-personal-finance-tips/ I hope we do another one of these really soon. Have a good weekend everyone.

  3. Another interesting mix of different lists and ideas…. Can’t wait to see what’s in these!!


  4. 301 entries, holy crap, Darren. Tell me: what did you realistically expect to receive?

    No matter who wins the prizes, at the end of the day we all win if different ways – lots of link love and commeting going on. Lots of new blogs I’ve found and added to my rss reader.

    Darren, you hit a massive home run with this one – great stuff, mate.

  5. The link to 5 Ways to Use MySpace to Reach Your Readers by Dee
    is pointing to the article below it (My Top 10 Favorite Firefox Extensions by John). So, John has a link to his article that is correct and another one from Dee’s article. And Dee has no links.

    Man it must be early. I can’t tell if that makes sense or not. Let me know if I’m not making sense.

  6. Wow, over 300 submissions! What an incredible response. I spent hours this morning sorting through these again. I’m glad this go round is done….I have work to get done! Here is my last list of lists that caught my attention…


  7. Is there any better, or easier blog software out there than this? i need something php based that doesnt kill MySQL. Any techie types on this thread that can point me in the right direction?

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