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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • yeah, Neil have a good point there but for the day 8, i suggest to add a tip: mix around with other blogger ;)

  • TG

    I would add something like: make a small post that mentions a good article made by another blogger and finish it off with a question :)

  • Hey Darren, thanks for the mention.

  • hey there,

    i’ve been checking into your blog as i’ve been writing for the company blog for a few months now (i’m a newbie at this), and one thing i do is read around to get inspired from other bloggers and blogs…

    so i would add that to the list as day 8: read around on other blogs in your niche (whichever one you choose) or even just other blogs in general. i found it an important thing to gain confidence in what you blog about and i think its a major stepping stone to getting off on the right foot in terms of writing good and specific content :)

  • Great find! The only thing I dislike about it is that it assumes you will be starting a blog with potential readers lined up. Very unlikely, as most blogs (except for corporate ones) start with zero readers and go through weeks (maybe even months) of extremely low traffic numbers.

  • Ya i also beleive that it should include somthing about attracting readers.

  • Or accepting the fact that there may be NO readers for some time.

  • I remember one blogger was talking about what he could have done differently if he started blogging again… is to note the social aspects of blogging – have a between reading and posting comments on other’s blogs , rather than pumping content and content. Content is important, but for blogging, connection is important too! ;)

  • Like Jeremy Steele said, although they offer some great tips, for most bloggers for the first few weeks months you might be blogging daily to nobody, but i guess thats the amazing thing with blogs, because with just one amazing blog post, people will talk about you and you can just sit back ad watch your blog reader numbers rocket, and thats really when those tips come into place.


  • Submit to RSS directories. So that every post is syndicated.

  • I’d suggest making sure you have some kind of stat counter in place from day One. I nearly canned my first blog because I didn’t think anyone was reading it. Nobody left comments and, as far as I could see nobody was reading it so I became disillusioned. I eventually added a counter and was surprised to see between 15-20 people were reading it each day. This spurred me on to keep the blog running. Three months later it’s getting 150-200 uniques a day.

  • Connections and networking is the key when you first start up.

  • Good points, especially about having the blog set-up properly/fully before launching!

  • I’d add onto the guideline about concise posts. Concise, to-the-point is good, but include some meat when it’s called for. I read blogs to know what the author is thinking, not to just be fed a textual soundbite.

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  • Here are some more tips out of personal experience.

    – before even starting a blog; join to oa social network or two (or to an online business network depending on your choice) that is closely related to your target niche.
    – gain reputation there by contributing a lot.
    – After writing several quality blog posts; give links to some of your blog posts and get known.
    – finally build a blog network and add other bloggers in the social network you contribute to it.
    building a blog network is dead easy if you have basic html skills and you can mash it up with a service like grazr [1]