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  • Buy a Saab! Soooo much more fun and huge depreciation from new means you can get a great 2nd hand 9-3 or 9-5 for a sensational price. If you test drive one, you’ll buy it. Most do.

  • Heh, maybe I should rename my blog to “The car that brought me to blogging”. ;)

    But Trollhatten is right, if you’re looking at a Subaru, may as well look at the Subaru derived Saab 9-3. That is, if they’re available down under.

  • The 9-3 isn’t the WRX-derived Saab. That’d be the 9-2x and no, it’s not available here in Oz. It’s a North American thing only.

    The 9-3 is a sedan. Comfortable like a leather lounge and goes like the clappers! You can also get a 2002 or earlier 9-3, which is a hatch (3 door or 5 door). Heaps of load space and heaps of turbocharged fun. That’s what I’ve got, a ’99 model 9-3 Viggen.

    Zoom Zoom!

  • A family wagon? Should a congratulations be in order?

  • no no – just planning ahead.

  • If you are a looking for a family wagon, best suited for Australia, you should definitely go and consider an Audi!
    Audi calles the family cars “Avant”, because ‘beautiful estate cars are called Avant’. Maybe with the quattro, four-wheel transmission option.
    You could go for an Audi A4 or even an Audi A6. Both are available in Australia.
    Here is a link for more information:

    Audi lately scored an award as “must have cars” in Australia:

    Or come on over to The German Car Blog to read the latest news about the Audi and Volkswagen brand group.


  • nice one Christian – although it’s probably a bit out of the price range we were looking at.

    We were thinking of an Outback…maybe a Liberty wagon if we could stretch it up that far. Mortgage and renovations are taking everything else at this point.

  • I’d go for the Forrester XT. You get the performance of a WRX and the practicality of an Outback. Pity the Forrester STI is only available in Japan.

  • Sweet!

    It sure gives you something to aspire too.

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  • I can recommend subaru (not that I’m biased or anything), great handling cars, even in basic (none-turbo) spec.

    Great to see people earning enough from blogging to buy the things they desire, cars/houses/Apple Macs etc.

    Make hay while the sun shines, so to speak.

  • Woah that’s sweet!! I’m not quite there yet, but I did get me an iBook last month! :)

  • Finally got a piece of the pie =D Gimme some

  • Well, Darren, according to your FAQs a child is on its way in June. If my math serves me correctly that would mean at the time of my previous comment a congratulations was in order.

    Congratulations and on behalf of all fathers – Good Luck!

  • hehe – yes you were on the money. Only person to pick it up :-)

    Well done Scott