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The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of August 2011 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

bloggers-guide-online-marketing-1.jpgToday we’re launching a brand new ProBlogger Resource – something we’ve been working on for many months now – The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog.

It is a Kit that is all about helping you create an income that sustains your blog.

Created by the Web Marketing Ninja – a guy who has helped me with my own blogging business – it is his own blueprint for online profitability and it will give you an insight into the way that I now make money from my blogs.

The Ninja helped me make my first million dollars selling my own blog products here at ProBlogger, so you know you can trust his expert advice.

It’s all you need to make your blog turn a profit now, and over the long term.

This essential guide retails for $99.99 USD, but for a limited time, you can secure your copy for just $49.99—that’s 50% off!

Update: this discount ends this coming Friday 23rd September. Don’t miss out!

The Strategies I Now Use to Monetize My Blogs

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing—31 Steps to Profitable Blogging has two parts:

1. The 31 Chapter eBook

This clear, practical ebook includes 31 chapters focused on practical profit-creation strategies:

  • Conduct a brand audit
  • Create customer personas
  • Conduct the “three-second” test
  • Create a framework for measuring success
  • Get set to A/B test
  • Master the campaign
  • Manage a launch
  • Price products
  • Define your sales funnel
  • Understand the long tail
  • Know when to stop marketing
  • …and plenty more. See the full chapter list here

2. The Comprehensive Resource Library

bonuses-Kit.jpgYour downloadable, practical resource library contains more than 21 templates and worksheets to help you put the Ninja’s advice into practice immediately:

  • Sample sales pages
  • Measurement framework
  • Campaign planning proforma
  • Affiliate performance measurement tool
  • Customer life-cycle analysis example
  • Joint venture email template
  • …and many more.

My 60-day money-back guarantee applies, as always, so there’s no risk to you. If this product isn’t what you expected, you can get a full refund.

Download your blueprint for blog profitability today. For more information on The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing—31 Steps to Profitable Blogging, visit this information page or get your copy by clicking the button below.


About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks your write about. i have read and get much experiance

  2. Congrats Darren on your new launch! It looks like an awesome product with everything one needs to succeed in online marketing.

    All the best for the launch!

  3. SEO has also changed quite a bit in the last year and I don’t see how this book keeps you ahead of the curve. That said, I hope it sells well.


    • Hating before you read it? With a 30 day guarantee and a 50% discount, what’s the risk in trying it? As for me, I plan to buy…if my wife says it’s okay! :)

      • I wouldn’t say Brad is hating on it, but I would say that if you’re looking for content to view on how to make money with your blog, there is plenty of it available for free on the many blogs that are trying to do what Darren has done here with Problogger.

        Aside from content, another thing that is helpful is to have people around you who are familiar with blogging and can act as a “support group.” As far as I can tell, this book doesn’t provide a forum for its buyers to discuss how to better their blogs.

        With that said, I would agree with Brad that this book probably isn’t for me.

        • Not for nothing, but I checked the chapter list and it contains one chapter on SEO called “Conducting an SEO Audit.” That doesn’t exactly change rapidly from year to year. Yeah, Meta tags and descriptions are useless now, but a good SEO audit contains:

          Technical information: Does the page load fast, how big are the images, are all 301 pages properly set up, does every page load, is the bot getting everywhere, etc?
          Content information: Is it thin? Is it keyword stuffed? Is it well written?
          Link information: Is your domain authority growing? Is your link repertoire growing? Are you gaining links across a wide range of places?
          Social information: Are you in existence on social sites?

          So, in reality, an audit doesn’t change all that much. Yeah, the social stuff is new, so you add that. But, let’s be honest here…Title tags were important years ago and are still important. Links were important years ago and were still important. Thin/thick content was important years ago and is still important. A good SEO audit is still a good SEO audit today and yesterday.

        • Hi guys,

          David, I’m not hating this read, the authors or Darren. I’m deeply grateful to Darren and his willingness to share his expertise, just didn’t think this read was right for me.

          Tom, we are of one mind…only you put it much more throughly and less abrasively as I did.

          Again, I hope the PB crew sells a ton of copies.


        • Web Marketing Ninja says: 08/31/2011 at 8:13 am

          @Tom There is always the Problogger community for support, if there is enough interest, perhaps I can talk Darren into giving us a forum in there.

    • Brad, this book is not about SEO, it’s about monetizing your blog.

      • Web Marketing Ninja says: 08/31/2011 at 8:08 am

        Hey all, great debate, enjoying reading it. Just to add my perspective, yes there is a chapter about search, but it’s more about being across search rather than doing, which is really for two reasons, 1 it changes so quickly, 2 it’s in my mind 1/31 of the activity required to sustain a profitable blog. If google removed all the sites I’m involved with, it would hurt, but they’d all still make serious money. My risk is balanced.

    • Appreciate all the feedback here and not feeling any hate Brad :-)

      While this resource touches on SEO its not the major focus – really its about building a system for sustainable business from your blog. While incoming traffic through sources like Search Engines is important I guess what the Ninja is focusing more upon with what he’s produced is what to do with that traffic once its there and how to build out the business model.

    • agreed, SEO has changed so much in past year, I wonder how specific tips you give about SEO in this book

  4. Thanks for sharing such a great resource. Its really inspiring for new bloggers. I always like your post and work accordingly.

  5. Forget that Darren’s new Problogger book is written for the Blogging audience. It is a great read that is practicably usable by both bloggers and businesses (small and large) alike. The discounted launch price is a steal too! Well written Ninja.

    • Web Marketing Ninja says: 08/31/2011 at 8:18 am

      Hey Josh, thanks, glad you liked it. So when are we getting that corporate bulk order? :)

    • Thanks Josh – actually we were pretty close to ditching the word ‘Blogger’s’ from the title because we do think the resource is going to be helpful for more than bloggers – great feedback.

      Appreciate you taking the time to dig into it and give us the feedback.

  6. I made my way here from #commenthour
    I am going to need to come back and spend much time! I bookmarked the site!

  7. Looks like it could be really good. Looking forward to it.

  8. Hi Ninja,

    I just got a copy this morning,
    the templates are useful, I feel its suitable even i yet to get any good traffic into my site.
    Like Darren said “blogging is like building muscle”

    I’m practicing to produce quality post via Problogger copywriter system. Wont have much time to use this comprehensive tool. But its certainly worth to invest for any blogger wish to migrate to multiple source of income.

  9. I will probably be picking this ebook up soon. Blogging has always been tough for me and traffic generation is pretty much my main obstacle. I know that blogging can be huge to help build my list, but I continue to put it off because it’s just not somehting that is fun to me. I’m hoping this ebook can really help me start to have fun with it.

  10. I’m looking forward to digging into this new product. I’ve got so much value out of the 31 Days to Build A Better Blog that I’m sure this will be equally valuable information.

  11. Well, I can probably use all the help I can get! $50 seems a little pricey, but if it helps I guess it’s worth it.

    • WebMarketingNinja says: 09/05/2011 at 9:52 am

      Hi J Geeks,

      If you have any questions on how it might help you more specifically, to help you decide if you’ll get value, please feel free to ask away.



  12. I’m glad I gave you a lot to think about. I think as long as it won’t affect our quality then more posts makes sense. If you find your posts lose something while you try to get that one extra post a week in, you might want to reconsider. If you can post 3 times a week without a drop in quality, then the extra post makes sense.

  13. This looks like a great book. I’m still trying to figure out the best approach to making money with my blog, so I may have to give this a try. I’ve read the ninja’s guest posts here at ProBlogger and always found them very insightful.

  14. Awesome tips Darren…..

  15. Looks a great idea, any help people can get to make money from their blogging is going to be a good thing. The only comment I’d make is there doesn’t seem to be much focus on the value of social media, which for online marketing is obviously of great importance.

    My blog is all about SEO, and it does well in Google, but the traffic quality (and quantity) from social (especially Twitter), is much better than from search. More of my orders come from the social traffic than from search traffic now. Having said that the information about branding and customer persona is always going to be useful.

  16. Yes all those guys getting worked up about SEO…this guide never claims any breakthrough in SEO theories. Rather it’s about success in online marketing using your own products of which SEO is just one part of the puzzle. But some people feel seo is THE puzzle :)

  17. i believe that if one follow these 31 steps, he must make a profitable blog.

  18. At the moment I’m just having a free WordPress blog… But I bought your book because I believe you are a Pro and because it might just be the source of motivation (and information) I need to try to get blogging like a professional while it’s profitable.

    Thanks for the book and I hope you’ll invest the income wisely :)

    Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you that this book really got me to blog on a higher level ;-)


  19. Congrats for the launch Darren. I hope this book will be as big a success as the other ones in your repertoire.

  20. Nice tips Darren, i will certainly buy the book. Is it also available on Amazon or in bookstores?

  21. I have recently started writing lenses on Squidoo for back links and some Amazon income. After some advice I think I am going to focus on the blogging angle, this looks like it could be a good tool. I think I am going to keep reading the free material on the internet until I make a step toward buying a kit.

  22. Thank You for your Books Darren . They sounds cool and useful, i will plan to buy them soon :)

  23. Looks pretty good and at the discount I might just get this to use on my own blog.

  24. Truly educational bless you, There’s no doubt that your trusty subscribers would likely want even more blog posts of this nature carry on the excellent effort.

  25. Congrats on the launch Darren. I’ve taken your advice many times over the years and it’s paid off with my blog! Ill definitely grab a copy. Are you making it available in an ebook through amazon?

  26. Hi Darren,

    Congratulation for launching the new book containing tips for generating money through blog.
    I will certainly buy the book very soon.

    Anu & Anand

  27. Very great tips.
    This e-book should be very full of content

  28. This could be what I am looking for as I have been trying to improve my blogs for around 18 months now although getting progress would be good to get some new pointers. So much information out there that contradicts it gets difficult to see what works and what doesn’t.

  29. That’s a perfect release Darren. I am willing to buy this kit, but, i wish you would have offered some more discount! Actually, I am a newbie and I can’t afford this kit at this time. I’ll make sure I buy it when I make my first 100 dollars online. I really wann be like you.. You’re, simply, GREAT!

  30. I’m looking forward to the read! I can’t say i’ve been all that impressed with half the stuff out there at the moment so i’m hoping this has some better content and not just ‘get traffic, build a list, sell to the list’

  31. Cannot find this on yet. Let us know when it is available there for Kindle or paperback.

  32. Hi guys,

    As someone who seems to do ok at traffic generation but poorly at monetisation I do have some interest in this ebook.

    My question is whether this has creating your own products as the main thrust of the teachings (something I don’t feel able to do) or whether there is a good amount of information about generating income from other means?

  33. Well if this book contains the methods that were adopted by this awesome blog to make money then i’m sure its going to be a best seller. Particularly considering that the blog mastermind course ends this month, there will be very few places for bloggers who need to find ways to make money cn turn to. Good luck with your sales.

  34. I believe that if one follow these 31 steps, he must make a profitable blog.
    I am also trying to follow these steps

  35. HI,
    1st of all congrats for ur launching…
    SEO has chnged alot..v have to overcome tat…
    i decided to buy….what you are offering?

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