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The Biggest Lie in Blogging and How to Disprove it

Posted By Guest Blogger 11th of November 2012 Writing Content 0 Comments

This guest post is by Ryan Biddulph of Cashwithatrueconscience.com.

You lie to yourself. Every day as a blogger.

Okay, maybe you don’t. Maybe you don’t buy in.

But you probably do. If you moan about struggling to blog.

Writer’s block

The lie is writer’s block. You have no ideas. You can’t write.

So you don’t write. Lose leads. Miss creative practice. Feel comfy cozy in your excuse zone.

The worst part about the lie? You can disprove it now. And ten hours from now. Or whenever you pen your next post.

But you need to a few things to attack, disarm and disprove the lie.


Abundance exists. Lack and limitation is a human concept. No shortage of ideas. Only an infinite flow.

You tap into that infinite flow any time you write a blog post. You choose to block the flow any time you surrender to writer’s block.

Both are choices. You choose to snag the idea or block the idea. Own this choice. You disprove the lie.

People buy in

People tend to buy in. Why? Any crutch supporting their limiting belief sounds great to them. No need to own stuff. Or succeed.

But if you can own your life you can become the master of your fate. That’s not a bad deal, I know.

Because ownership precedes acceptance, and acceptance precedes happiness. How’s that for a triple play?

You can’t buy in to writer’s block. You must reject the idea, when people note it, or use it as an excuse.

You are unlimited

You are unlimited and remain unlimited until you accept the idea you aren’t unlimited. Accept this. Where you at now, writer’s block?

Life follows your belief system. Writer’s block just made a hasty retreat. No more low energy handcuffs. You are free to write!

Practical tips

Do these things to dissolve writer’s block.


Meditation dissolve blocks—or limiting ideas—from your being. Once the block dissolves you tap into the infinite flow of creative ideas.

Read blogs

You generate many creative ideas by reading relevant blogs. Read, take notes, write your own posts. Love that jingle.

Surround yourself with winning bloggers

Winning or successful bloggers rarely make the writer’s block excuse. So you follow their lead.

Step away from the computer

Eureka! You have experienced the moment many times, and it was likely when you were away from the laptop. Detaching opens up you to creativity.

Your turn

Do you buy into the writer’s block lie? How do you overcome this block?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

Ryan Biddulph helps entrepreneurs create value and build connections to grow their home based opportunity. Please subscribe to his blog Click Here.

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  1. “Surround yourself with winning bloggers”

    Thanks for this post Darren. I’m wondering, do you have any material on that tip you can point me to? I want to surround myself with bloggers like you, and also to build a team of people specifically for our own ring of promoting each other. Any content on that as well? How do I get surrounded by bloggers like you?

    Thanks again, this is an encouraging read.

    • Hi Brian,

      Actually, I wrote the post ;)

      Work your way through the comments section buddy, and network. Pick out bloggers who seem to resonate with you, and your vision.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. “You generate many creative ideas by reading relevant blogs. Read, take notes, write your own posts. Love that jingle.”

    Actually, I found myself missing a day without posting new articles on my blog site. I was making excuses to myself because I was too tired from my day job. But it is indeed true that reading some blog sites can expound that cloudy idea in your head and can move you to start on creating your own article to post. :)

  3. So true Ryan, You make a ton of great points in your post but the one that works best for me is to walk away from my computer.

    For a long time I spent more time than needed online. Now, I do what I need to do in the shortest amount of time and allow the results to speak for themselves.

  4. The post took me by a shock. And ended abruptly. I was hoping for more. Creative title though. Made me click impulsively.

    • Thanks George, abrupt endings are my specialty, moves you into action on my advice fast ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing buddy.


  5. Another important topic for discussion, Ryan.

    From my own experience, the best way to overcome writers block, is to just go ahead and “write”!

    The more you think about writing(the longer you put it off) the far greater the probability that you will actually put pen to paper, or fingers to Computer keys…

    There are ways to get into the ” writing zone” where great ideas flow, though, the path to this will vary for many people….

  6. Right on!

    There is no writer’s block! Never happened to me!

    If you are passionate about writing, that will not happen.

    But, if it does. Don’t sweat it!

    Writing is like exercise for the brain, and don’t be afraid to struggle!!!!

    Wonderful article here!


    Internet Dreams

  7. Hey Ryan, the best part was step away from the computer , it is surprising how many ideas come.

  8. There are many ways I stop writer’s block – one I will not mention out of respect for others. I am noticing that workouts helps me release frustrations. I workout as if I am training for a fight. That mentality transfers over. Another thing I do is take time to myself (with movies, music, etc.).

  9. When I step away from the computer after being on it for several hours, what I like to do for inspiration is to go for a bike ride or walk my dog. I feel the fresh air is important for your creative part of the brain. This is usually when my ideas come to mind.

  10. Short, but interesting post Ryan. Well, reading other blogs is awesome idea on overcoming writers block.


  11. Writer’s block can also mean that you may have found A niche… but it’s not YOUR niche.

    Ryan, I find your writing a bit lacking in this post. Are you too cool for actual sentences and paragraphs? No offense…

  12. One thing I’ve found that really helps get past that ‘stale’ feeling of block is to open up Writeroom or even just a terminal window, and just start flowing, writing any and every word that flows thru my head. And in a minute or two, it’s like magic, the faucet just opens up and words flow out like crazy.

  13. Writer’s block is a crock for me. Keep the Tail Wagging is scheduled out through mid January. I write a lot.

    I have loads of ideas on things to write about. Living with 3 dogs makes it easy. I also belong to several dog groups and ideas are popping up there all the time. My followers are also very vocal about what they’d like to learn so they’ve become another source of inspiration.

    When nothing comes to mind, I know that it’s time for a break. I take the dogs for a walk, I grab my camera, or I read a book or watch a movie. A break clears the cobwebs out and then I’m back at it.

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