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The Benefits of Developing a WP Template

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of February 2006 Pro Blogging News 11

Kyle over at Warpspire has an interesting post reflecting upon the impact that releasing a WP blog template (which got picked up as one of the templates offered on WordPress.com) has had upon his blog’s success of late.

The results include increased traffic, loads of inbound links (which helps with SE traffic, ranking on Technorati and increased participation on his blog via comments).

This shows the power of developing a useful tool that is useful for others but that will also promote you.

found via ipears

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  1. It’s all part of the “giving something away” idea. I give something away myself, and it’s helped dramatically.

  2. It’s true… I see a big wave of traffic come in every time I release a theme.

  3. Totally. I developed a teeeny little wordpress plugin and I’m still getting lots of traffic because of it.

  4. Template Is Look Very Simple But I Seen It Before Somewhere I Think Rachel Blog

  5. Yeah my stats shot through the ceiling last March when I released a public template. It was really incredible.

  6. yup, who doesn’t like a nice template? Other than content, this is the 2nd thing I find attractive in a site.

  7. So true. My relatively simple plugins are the ones driving traffic to my blog. More than half of traffic to my blog came from wordpress.org plugin repositories. For a day’s work of hacking those plugin, I get a pretty decent PageRank. I love WordPress.

  8. Can you use these templates on blogger blogs. Please tell us how to use templates not suppllied by blogger. Thanks.

  9. No Satish – these templates are for WordPress blogs.

    To be honest I’m not familiar with Blogger.com blogs these days and am not sure how their template system works.

  10. […] lot of my disheartening comes from fellow “developers.” It all started with a bit of an unexpected benefit of developing a template. From that point, we’ve progressed to the point of people selling […]

  11. If I’m not a web designer, what how can I create a WP template?!

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