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The Alane By Day Project

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of October 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

alane by day is one of the more interesting blog projects that I’ve seen for a while. It’s difficult to describe – but really its an online space where business, blogging, entrepreneurial spirit and a whole heap of experts come together to help alane start up her set up her own architecture business in 82 days. Still confused? Here’s how they describe it:

‘Alane By Day is the real-time narrative of the step-by-step creation of Alane’s architecture practice in just 82 days. We’re using the blog format so everyone can see how it’s done. If you’re starting a business, this blog will help you; if you’ve already started a business, you can help this blog.’

Alane is the central character (not a fictional one) in the blog as it’s her business that they are starting up – but there are also a cast of 15 business experts and a 5 person design panel working with her. I’m finding it all a little hard to follow but something about the idea just fascinates me and I’m finding myself heading over to the blog numerous times per day to see how the 82 day project is going. They are already up to day 9 so it’s over 10%. It’s a fascinating and fresh project which might be worth following over the next couple of months.

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  • Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the write-up! I’ve been going a little nuts trying to make the set-up of Alane By Day clearer, but I’ve stopped worrying too much. It’s an idea I came up with when I saw that Alane (a good friend), like many people I know, with a lot of talent in her field, but little understanding of how to make a living at it.

    So I thought – “I’ve started several successful businesses, and I know most of what’s necessary, and when I don’t I know, I can find the people who do. And since so many people don’t know how it’s done, why don’t I expose the whole process, in real-time, on a blog?”

    So I formed Transformist LLC. For Alane By Day, I called up Experts that I knew, or found new ones, for all the different aspects of starting up a business, and asked them to volunteer their time and services. Amazingly, most of them said “YES!” In the future, I’ll do this again, with a different team of Experts (some may be the same), for a different talented person. Transformist will do some of its projects online, and for others (who don’t want the scrutiny) it will act more as a regular business consultancy, focusing on the personal transformation of the client into a businessperson. I’m hoping that I can help people who are great at what they do, but don’t know how to get people to buy from them.

    And I have to add that your site was a real inspiration to me. Not necessarily because I want to make money blogging per se, but because the advice here on how to run a blog that people want to read is absolutely invaluable. Thank you so much.


  • Alane

    Hey there.
    Thanks for the recognition. It means alot coming from you.

  • WTL

    Where the heck was this team when I started up my business?! I certainly could have used the help. ;-)

  • I actually had a similar idea when I started up my web based business, although I was thinking that I should keep a journal that could be published in paper form later.

    I like this spin on the idea…very nice job.

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