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The $100 a Day in 12 Weeks Challenge

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of April 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Just stumbled upon WebSiteNights – a blog dedicated to a 12 week challenge to make $100 per day via Adsense and Affiliate programs. So far the bloggers that have joined the challenge are:

It is an interesting concept that I wish I’d known about a bit earlier even though i’ve already reached the $100 per day level myself as it sounds like fun to be involved with a group of people working on a similar project. Anyway check out what these bloggers are doing as I’m sure they have some interesting ideas.

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  1. […] might be interesting to check out what these people are doing to meet that goal. Found via ProBlogger Comments […]

  2. Making $100 a day blogging – within 12 weeks
    WebSiteNights is a blog on a challenge to make $100 daily with a blog. So far there are twelve bloggers who have taken up that challenge. That challenge was started at march 16th, and it might be interesting to check out what these people are doing to …

  3. Thanks looks interesting.

  4. Alright just to spice up this conversation a bit, do you think that this is actually possible with just AdSense alone in 12 weeks? Especially considering that you can’t link from any of your sites to help boost it up.

    I think it’s possible, but not for 99.99% of the people out there trying to do it. It’s hard enough to almost get $10/day from a site after 3 months so if anyone actually accomplishes this then I would be very surprised. Mad props for trying though and making it public.

    This is where I got the inspiration for my Big Money Tips Project, but couldn’t participate because obviously I am going to link to that site from my other ones.

  5. I think these guys can use affiliate programs as well as Adsense.

  6. You trying to sneak around my question? Yeah, I know that you can use affiliate programs, but I noticed most of them just mentioned putting AdSense up on their sites. Okay let me rephrase that then. Do you think they can accomplish this goal without any PPC advertising? I have the answer to my own question, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get some discussion on ProBlogger since you are 10x more famous than myself.

  7. LOL – me famous? No major blog network owners are talking about me at conferences as a major threat to them Scrivs :-)

    Anyway – I think it would take someone doing something pretty amazing to get a blog f 0 to $100 in 12 weeks unless the blog/blogger was either:
    – already live and generating significant traffic
    – very lucky and got some massive inbound links
    – they were doing something dodgy (spam?) to get traffic and click throughs
    – a famous person already that could pull a large crowd
    – came up with some amazingly smart gimmick that everyone started linking up to

    Of course it could be done with PPC which is what I think some of them are doing.

    I’ve never taken a blog from anything more than $50 per day in three months and that was a fluke.

    what do others think?

  8. Darren – It’s Kevin from TurboBlogger and I’m one of the folks taking part in the challenge. Thanks for shout out.

    Scrivs – You don’t think it can be done without PPC? I wasn’t planning it myself and I’d be interested to hear your opinions (you too, Darren) on that.

  9. Darren – You said…”I think it would take someone doing something pretty amazing to get a blog f 0 to $100 in 12 weeks unless…”

    What about multiple blogs? If someone could get 3 or 4 blogs live and running within a month, you think it’s possible to pull $25/day each in a couple of months?

  10. Kevin this is probably another thing I should have put on my list above on reflection although I suspect that it might need more than 3 or 4 blogs.

    I’m just looking at my earnings for the first two or three months of most of my blogs and the majority of them were still only earning a few dollars a day at that point (many still are to be honest).

    I think if you started 10 new blogs today and worked your butt off on all of them that you’d find one or two would hit the $25 mark in three months with a bit of luck – another 3 or so might hit the $10 mark and the rest might sit in the under $2 category. It is possible – but it really depends whether the blogs get picked up by others quickly or not and if they get indexed well by SEs I guess.

    But you’re right – if I was going to try going from $0 to $100 in 12 weeks I’d start multiple blogs on a variety of topics.

  11. 12 Weeks $100 a day challenge
    Not sure if I’m going to take part, but this site set itself a challenge of generation $100 a day in revenue from $0 in 12 weeks.  Sites like Problogger are already in this category.  Lots of other sites have taken up the challenge and you…

  12. Very different way to help others and thyself. Very unique!

  13. I also think they are going to have a hard time making 100$ a day. At least with just those blogs. I think affiliate programs are very similar to adsense in respect to earnings, it’s a traffic thing. They could of course get all their friends to buy things, but that would be cheating.

  14. The challenge isnt for them just to make the money from the blogs above. Most of them are doing a multiple site thing on a variety of sites (some blogs some not blogs). I suspect that one or two of them at least will get there. I’ll be watching with interest.

  15. The only reason I say it would take PPC is because since you can’t link to the site from your existing sites that means you have to find a way to get Google to your site quickly and then get it passed the sandbox even quicker. I don’t know of too many sites that can generate organic SE traffic that quickly without proper linkbacks to them.

    I guess I can write an entry about how I would tackle it.

  16. If they already have a lot of other sites they are not starting from $0. If they are making $99 today it is not much challenge to get to a $100.

    For new sites there is nothing they can do to get out of the “sandbox” in 12 weeks.

  17. I think the ‘rules’ are that they can use sites that they’ve previously not had ads or affiliate ads etc on.

    Its not a competition – rather a challenge that people are working on together.

    Even if they don’t make it to $100 I think it’s a good challenge – fun, productive and hopefully something that they’ll all learn something from.

    Check out some of their blogs – what some of them are doing is interesting.

  18. Well, I woke up to an awesome surprise this morning :) – an influx of traffic to my blog…

    I’m participating in this challenge and Darren is right – we can use whatever floats our boat to earn that $100 as long as we start with completely new projects. So, my previous websites/earnings are inadmissible for this :).

    Personally, I think earning $100 a day from AdSense alone is quite a stretch and Russell is the only one I know that is actually going that route (more power to him). A lot of sites mention AdSense (heck, even I’m using AdSense), but they’re also looking at other viable means as well – PPC, affiliate sites, their own products, etc. coupled with AdSense.

    I notice the conversation is hovering around solely creating new blogs to

    I have at least 2 affiliate sites that I’ll be adding to my $100 per day challenge portfolio. I’m thinking about long term viability of each of the sites I create.

    After this challenge is over, I don’t want my earnings to dwindle with it and I don’t want to coddle any of those sites on a daily basis either (at least not the ones on the subjects I’m passionate about).

    As Darren mentioned, the challenge is about being fun and productive and motivated to simply do something — anything. That is the biggest problem with most people seeking to make money online – they get paralyzed and never actually do anything.

    Even if they don’t make it to the $100 a day mark, at least people will see that they can do something – and with a little added dedication, they can achieve all of their goals.

    Okay, that’s my 2 cents :)

  19. How To Make $100 Per Day In 3 Months
    First the rules set forth by WebSiteNights: It does not matter if you’re starting to work on a new project or an existing one, as long as this project is not making you ANY money right now. Lay out…

  20. Hi Everybody!

    If I can join the conversation…
    First let me say thanks for the mention!
    All your blog posts have given the challenge a great boost in
    traffic and awareness.

    I’m going to add a post tonight on websitenights about my plans, but let me just add here that my original plan was earning 75% from PPC campagins.

    The blogs and content sites I’m building are long-term projects that will hopefully start bringing income by the end of this challenge.


  21. Money Making Plans and Updates
    It’s been a while since the last update… and there are a lot of things I want to say so this might be a longer post – so hang on…

    Our challenge was mentioned on blogs like Problogger and WorkBoxers which has brought a lot of traffic and a lot o…

  22. I just found this blog … I thought it may be nice to say that I never got to $100 a day in 3 months. I don’t remember, but I think I may have got to about an average of $2 a day on the sites I built in that time. Those sites went well over that since, and dropped away as well.

    My best outcome of this challenge was that I decided to research currency trading to build a site. I had 50 articles written, built the site and was getting Adsense income started. I decided to put an affiliate product on the site (a new idea for me then) and in researching products, I got interested in Forex and started to learn to trade.

    The end result was that I never made a new website for 2 years after that… I went trading. I now have a strong passive income from Forex trading, have retired from my day job, and I’m now managing trading accounts for a growing list of clients who don’t have either the time or inclination to trade or learn to trade themselves.

    Am I making over $100 a day from the Internet?

    You better believe it!

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