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Thanking Tony…. BTW, he’s joining the ProBlogger Team

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of January 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

I should also publicly thank Tony Hung for his wonderful guest posting here at ProBlogger over the last week.

Tony produced some great quality posts last week that were widely linked to around the blogosphere and which obviously generated a lot of conversation (so far his 5 posts have had around 370 comments left on them – a record at PB for 5 consecutive posts).

Over his five posts he wrote around 10,000 words, he managed to lift ProBlogger’s Feedburner counter up by over 1000 over it’s previous average for a few days there and after being featured on Digg at least once got actual site visitors up considerably too.

Check out the incoming links Tony generated last week on Technorati:

Picture 4-9

Ultimately I was very happy to log in when I returned to my computer yesterday to see the results of the week. Tony went above and beyond what I expected of him and as usual when I have a guest blogger take over while I’m gone this blog improved considerably.

Thank you Tony.

Tony’s Joining the ProBlogger Team

It will be no surprise to anyone after seeing how things went this week to know that I’ve asked Tony to join ProBlogger as a regular contributer.

Tony will be writing a weekly column on Thursdays (that’s Thursdays his time and Fridays my time). His column will have a similar focus to his posts of this last week in that they will help readers to grow and improve their blog.

When I asked him what he wanted to write about Tony said it’d be on ‘good blogging habits‘.

I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with and hope readers will enjoy hearing more from Tony.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Quality is hard to come by Darren, and it’s good you snatched him up while his stock is on the rise… This is like buying into eBay back in 1995..

  • FrankB

    Hi Darren,

    great move! Looking forward to reading more of Tony’s posts.

    Congrats to you for getting Tony and to Tony, who obviously deserves this, for getting asked!


  • I really enjoyed them too. Thanks to Tony and to Darren. Welcome home Darren.

  • I will agree, the posts over the last week were extremely informative and helpful. I am anxious to see what Tony’s weekly postings will be like.

  • Felix

    Would like to say congratulations to both of you gentlemen for the great content: Darren for the awesome website and great content week after week, and Tony for all of the great guest posts. Thanks for all of the great tips and advice.

  • Congratulations Tony and Darren!
    This is the ultimate win-win for everyone!

  • a couple of things: i found tony’s articles very helpful indeed, but they were definitely all in the spirit of problogger… a good blend!; and secondly, it is wonderful, almost miraculous, when you find dynamic team members that are on the same page. congrats to problogger which translates into good for us. thanks!

  • This is such great news! I’ve been a reader for awhile, but I’ve got to admit, it was one of Tony’s posts that promted me to make my first comment here.

    Congrats to both Tony & Darren! This is bound to be the beginning of a beautiful blogging relationship.

  • Congrats to Tony on the job well done while the guest writer and to the new job with ProBlogger. It was a pleasure reading these posts and there were quite a few great tips learned over the week.

    But it is still nice to see you back Darren. :)

  • Congratulations, Tony. I look forward to what other delights you have in store for our taste buds.

  • Excellent move. Good for you for exploring the benefits of working with other people to build your business(es).

  • Hey Darren,

    It’s great to see you back and posting.

    I must say that Tony’s advice was amazing, wise and helpful. I must congratulate and thank you for bringing Tony to problogger, first as a guest blogger and now a regular contributor. This really sounds like a dream team of sorts.


  • This is great news. Tony’s posts were well organized and thought -through. It was a real pleasure reading them. Congratulations Tony.

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  • It’s fascinating to see a guest-blogger bringing hundreds of links to his posts. My biggest challenge in leveraging my blogging business is to find good bloggers. I’m in the entertainment industry so it obviously takes a bit less thought & time investment to write posts with potential of getting linked to, but still – I’m not having too much success with hiring a paid-blogger or two to write content that i know will be worth my money.

    I’d be thankful if you write a post about hiring bloggers for people who are trying to branch out, maybe share some of the ways you get your bloggers at b5media ? =)


  • Tony’s great and Darren’s awesome for being generous enough to share the limelight. Thanks to both of you!

  • jd

    Wise choice Darren.

    He didn’t just write 10,000+ words – if what he wrote was a book on a shelf at a bookstore, I’d probably buy it.

    Quality stuff! Hang on to him :-)


  • Excellent! Looking forward to more of the same (from both of you).

  • I’m so glad to hear this, I really enjoyed reading his posts and will continue to do so, he is a great asset to your blog!

  • I’m really glad to hear this.

    I have no idea how Tony manages his free time. I’m constantly amazed at everything he’s involved in.

  • Actually, I’m amazed, too! :)
    Although to be honest, all of my other blogging efforts ground to a halt, blogherald included, last week.

    Happy to be aboard, and what a great audience to blog for too. See you this thursday everyone!

    PS Feel free to email me with column ideas

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  • Hey Darren,

    Nice screen shot. That is awesome. Good job.

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  • Love the screen shot! That is awesome. Keep it up.