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Testing Moblogging

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of April 2007 General 0 Comments

Today a package that i had been waiting for arrived – a new nokia n95.

Part of the appeal was its web browsing capabilities and wi-fi.

So the logical first move was a post via phone.

I doubt it will be a regular thing though as it is quite tedious.

I will use it for surfing and email a little though.

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  • Nooooo, don’t do it! I used to take my PDA (a pocket pc) out and about and now I leave it at home unless I absolutely require it – life is too precious to be wasted checking your email every 5 minutes ;)

  • I just KNOW I am going to have to get some kind of mobile device from which I can check mail and stuff. My job (translation) is utterly dependent on responding to emails within an hour or so, but also on being mobile. So I guess there is nothing for it. I WOULD turn it off out of hours though!

    Re: mobile blogging, I have been trying a bit of that myself, starting here:

    It is great for my mountain-biking blog because I can send live reports from up in the mountains (that’s when there is reception, i.e. almost never!)

    In particular we are doing a long trek across Serbia next week, so I intend to blog at least once a day “from the road” which I hope will be interesting for feed/email subscribers.

  • Darren, I would like to tell you that your blog is absolutely great… we (the founders of are regular readers of problogger… we would like to know what you think about We have been nominated for several prizes recently,but we would appreciate your opinion too…
    thanks a lot


  • Their is much less control for text-based Moblogging, I personally feel Moblogging is much better for Photoblogging!

  • I have to agree with Chris, but it’s always a nice tool for those once in a lifetime “Aha !!!” moments…

    By the way, great choice on the phone!!

  • This will make your online life (blogging activities) invade into your offline life!

    But incase if you’re on a vacation, then it’s cool.

  • Hope you have fun with your N 95, I hope to pick one up in 3 months time when my contract is up for renewal. Let us know how you get on with it, especially the camera.
    You might find this article interesting, comparing the N 95’s camera to the Sony DSC-W12 which also has a 5.1 megapixel with Carl Zeiss lens. There are some good comparison shots.

  • You may be interested in an excellent review on the N95 that Derek from did:

  • Great choice of phone, Darren! The N95 sure does look gorgeous. I’ll be sticking with my Samsung D600 for the time-being though, it allows me to talk to people half-way across the world and that’s all I need. ;)

  • Haha! That’s got to be in the top5 best posts on the net! Simple and straight to the point. Not only that, but the Adsense popped up an ad for the n5. I bet you’ll get a lot of clicks from people wanting to see what it looks like….but maybe you’d planned that already?


  • I like it. It seems like a slightly upgraded version of my phone, the Cingular 8125. I wonder if they were inspired at all by HTC?

  • I did use n93i to write a post. But, I don’t like the wireless functionality provided by n93i. It is so slow. Besides, it always shows me the annoying “lose connection” warning message.

  • That’s great! I was planning on using a PDA while I’m traveling the world to keep up on my blog… I don’t really want to lug around a laptop while I’m backpacking. Does your phone have windows mobile on it? I’m debating whether or not I should wait until version 6 comes out before I purchase it.


  • I hate doing crap through phones. But I do want the new tmobile dash *rrawr*

  • It’s nice to have the capability to blog when you’re out and about, but I’ve found that when I try to blog on the move the quality of posts isn’t as good – no time to think and harder to edit and format than on a PC.

  • I think a podcast from a phone would be easier for me.
    For me, it would be easier to just wait till I can find a place to upload from the laptop.

  • Hi Darren

    I hope to get my N95 next week. How did you post to your blog with the phone? Did you do it by email or actually use the web browser? I have been thinking about doing some moblogging on my WordPress blogs and I am curious how to do it without too much pain?

  • Darren

    i did it with the web browser via my wifi connection at home.

    probably quicker would be to email it though.

  • Thanks Darren!

  • Thanks Darren!

  • Just started testing some lo-fi moblogging myself this week in my reports on Anzac Day.

    By lo-fi I mean that I don’t have the “Internet” on my phone – all I can do is send MMS messages. But that’s enough – flickr has an “post by email via flickr to your blog” function, and you can send MMS messages to email addresses, so it’s all good.

    I’ve also discovered Gabcast – you dial a Sydney phone number and record whatever you want straight down the line. Gabcast then can post that directly to your blog. So you can phone in audio reports live to your blog.

    Of course, it helps that I’m only paying 10c a minute for mobile airtime.

  • Ron

    And you may use Wavelog to post text, photos, audio and video directly from N95 to your WordPress blog!