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Technorati Top 100 Most Favorites List Disappears

Just a quick note to note that it seems like Technorati are making some changes to their Top 100 Most Favorited List – changes as in…. it’s not there.

I’m not sure it’s a permanent change or whether it could be a glitch – but in light of recent conversations perhaps we’re seeing them respond?

update: and it’s back.

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  • umm, i guess they had to do something, that’s what happens when people try to “game” the system. Though the technorati train is a nice experiment, it sure mixed up their thing… Well, hope they’ll put it back and find a way so that people won’t “fake fave” by addind “random” blogs to their favorites.

  • Looks like a temp. glitch. Seems to be back now.

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  • you couldnt blame Technorati if they did remove the list.

    In itself, the top 100 is a great idea. However, as usual, when 1000’s of people look to exploit the system the list becomes flawed.

  • Perhaps a good idea would be to limit the amount of favourites each user could have at anyone time?

  • This will always happen, Its a biased topic actually. If there is an option why not use it but then ethically its wrong.

    Here are my points which is similar thats done around blogsphere. I dont blame anybody but here how it goes:

    1. Don’t we encourage our friends to subscribe?
    2. Don’t we encourage our friends to put comments ?
    3. Don’t we encourage to promote topics on each other blogs ?
    4. Don’t we encourage link bating ?

    There are lot of similar things we do to promote our own blogs.If asking for Technorati Fav Exchange is wrong then everything i said above is wrong.

    No offenses but these are just my views and they are strong one’s.

  • Its still there buddy.

  • I just can’t believe you would devote so much your energy on this. 2 posts in a row!
    I can still see the Favs here:-

  • May be because of the recent blogtalks.

  • It’s still there. I guess it was just a glitch due to high “favoritism” lol.

    As I previously commented, the only person that has really benefited by all of this favorite link exchange meme is Dosh Dosh who formally launched his Technorati Favorite Exchange.

    The benefit was not to be in the top 10 of the favorite list, but the traffic that it has generated. Everyone else who jumped on the bandwagon (a little bit guilty here) hasn’t seen a cent of traffic from the “Gaming”.

  • Darren Rowse – most powerful man on the internet!

  • Why are you making a hype of this exchange program? Technorati can oversome this glitch at any time. It may be just a fun experiment that some people have taken too seriously. Its all bout blogging better and in a civilised way but people are loosing there nerves on.
    I would appreciate if you read my post on it and comment on it

  • A glitch, a test, a sign…whatever it was, the list is back up. It’s amazing how big a deal all this has become; I bet the people at Technorati are just laughing it all off.

  • If enough people complain and manipulate it, there should be no surprise about it going away.

  • Nicholas,

    Did you actually read my followup post on Technorati? If not, please click on my name to read it. There is an active discussion going on there.. and I’ll love to hear your comments on all the points I have mentioned in detail. If you would like, you can email me as well to chat about these topics privately.

    To say that only Dosh Dosh has benefited from the exchange (in terms of traffic) is factually incorrect. There have been several other blogs which have entered the Top 100 and I’m not even going to go into the traffic/exposure benefits (however minor) which has resulted from interaction between bloggers either through interlinking or conversational blogging on the topic of Technorati favorites.

    Nor am I going to delve into the actual development of high quality feedback and innovative suggestions for improving Technorati. If you’ve actually read some of the constructive posts that has been going around, you’ll might understand that this has actually gone beyond just merely ‘gaming’ the system.

  • Nicholas – Try doing some research before you throw out your carbon copy response. It’s quite apparent that there are more benefits than just getting some traffic that has made this Faves Exchange globally viral in 20 days.

  • I don’t know what Technorati’s been doing, but about three weeks ago I stopped getting any blogroll links from Technorati. Anyone who previously had me on their blogroll doesn’t get recorded at one of my links anymore. I know links expire after six months, but even with blogs where I’ve been on their blogroll for considerably less time I’ve been dropped. I’m only getting links when people directly link to me within in a post.

    Needless to say, my ranking has plummeted. I was at 780 and by the end of the week will no longer be in the top 1000. I’ve written them to ask what’s up but no one will respond. I’ve wondered if others have had the same experience.

  • I see it there. It must have been a temporary glitch, because I was thumbing through the top 100 today and yesterday, and didn’t even notice the absence.

    However, I have noticed that my ‘blog reactions’ script was causing slow blog page loads for me, so I removed it. I hope that’s temporary too.

  • They’re probably doing stuff to revamp their site; let’s hope things go back to normal (or get even better) soon.

  • About time they did something. I’ve read a blog inviting other bloggers to swap links this morning.