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  1. […] Darren Rowse at Problogger links to a Technorati Tag Link Generator – a great tool for driving traffic to your blog through Technorati. […]

  2. Hey Darren, thanks for passing along this helpful app. I have never entered Technorati Tags into my posts but I will start now!

  3. WOW! This is great. You have just saved me tons of work. But, more importantly, frustration!

    I was getting so frustrated by constantly creating those darn tags.

    This is like much appreciated :) Like, very much. Just having fun with my “Likes”

    Really though. This is an awesome little program for those of us that blog to a few blogs manually.


  4. That might be helpful for some but it’d be massively time consuming and unweildy to use for every post. I use SimpleTags on my blog (WordPress) and simply type the keywords between the [tags] tag and it’s done.

    [tags]money, personal finance, savings[/tags]

  5. I’m really very sure that you’d all like my version a lot better. It’s a bit more considered and even provides optional markup to make your tags look great on the blog!

    Check it out: http://www.marketwest.co.uk/tools/index.php

  6. I develop a visual Tag generator with visual direct online preview of tags/links, with online editing and preview of CSS (colors fonts, borders).
    Html Code is SEO optimized. Try it. You will be very satisfied.

    Check it out: http://tags.atspace.com

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