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Technorati launches blog ad network

Posted By Lara Kulpa 18th of June 2008 Advertising 0 Comments

Technorati has been beta testing a new CPM ad network, Technorati Media, featuring adverts from big-name companies like Honda, Sandisk, Microsoft, and Universal Pictures.

Right now, they’ve been working with larger blogs, but say that they plan to open up the network to anyone (yes, even the “little guy”) in a few months.

Read more at TechCrunch.

  • Hey Darren!

    Wow! Thank you for the update!

    Let’s all hope that they do open it sooner than later ;)

    To Constant & Never-Ending Improvement,

    The World’s First Teen Personal Development Video Blogger

  • Hopefully with more options for the blogger, advertising will become much better.
    Hope they bring some new twist to it, not just the usual

  • I have been using Technorati for a very long time I think this will help me make little more money by using their ads. But as you said, i will have to wait for my turn, as i am not included in those A catagory Blogs.

  • this advertising service ir only for english blogs?

  • Hope Microsoft is much happier, as there is someone who can compit with Google (in long run)!


  • Let’s hope that the ad network is running off a different server to the Technorati home page as it seems everytime I visit Technorati these days it is either completely down or some feature doesn’t work.

    Not going to make much money if the ads are down most of the time as well.

  • Is this finally Technorati’s comeback? The question in the end is can they leverage their old glory and directory to make the ad network the premier independent (or something like that) ad blog network?

  • Small blogs have to wait until they accept them to the network.

  • bob cobb

    I applied yesterday, I really hope I get accepted

  • About time, the ‘little guy’ like me who runs a small (but building) financial blog needs a good adsense alternative!
    I’m excited for it

  • Irk. Not another free for all advertising alternative. Thousands of crummy websites get started every week in the hopes of making money from AdSense. Now thousands more will be made in the hopes of making money from this venture. People start websites with the hopes of making money which is never the best way to go about it at the start of your gig.

    You should only start a websites if you really love your topic, and you shouldn’t go out of your way to add keywords or to integrate AdSense into your websites as soon as you can. You’ll just diminish your content and then you’ll have no visitors.

    In other words, for publishers adverts are occasionally (nearly always for new guys) counter-productive. I know I started making a lot more money a few weeks after I gave in with AdSense.

    Lara Says: Normally I’d agree with you, but this isn’t a “free for all” kind of thing from the impression I’m getting. First of all, it’s Technorati, not some crazy scheme from some kid sitting in his parents’ basement. But also, if you look at the list of advertisers they’re running now, and the fact that it’s CPM (not CPA), people are going to make what they put the effort in for, you know what I mean? If some splogger creates a crap site, but doesn’t get any real traffic to it, he’s not going to make a penny with this. However the more hard work you put in to get regular readers, or even just regular search based visits, you’re going to hit pay dirt. Those with more traffic will make more than those with less, but it’s not leaving the “little guy” who’s just starting out or forcing him/her to only use AdSense because his stats aren’t impressive enough (as many MANY ad networks/systems do look at that before they’ll include a site).

    Just MHO… I don’t think this is gonna be a bad thing at all.

  • Good news to shake a little bit small blogs ;)

  • I hope they will become success, because they are having a huge social bookmarking sites, I am eagerly waiting to get a change to test technocrati ad network.

  • Don’t they send confirmation emails after applying ? Received none and I applied yesterday

  • Andy Beard wrote a similar article.
    I am not quite ready for this. I am so busy with infrastructure and trying to keep up the daily posts.

    Thanks for the info though.

  • Dang. Messed up my link

  • I can’t wait to ad more ways to make money on my website and blog. Sometimes I think it’s too packed with ads and sometimes I think there isn’t enough

  • More options are always good. I have two blogs though that won’t ping even after a year.

  • Hi

    i heard this just today it is really good ?

    i need to check it.

  • How exactly will the little man benefit from this?

  • Will it only be for US publisher?

  • Thank you for the update – I’m very excited about this new medium for advertising on my blogs.