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Technorati Launch Technorati Engage Ad Network for Bloggers

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of December 2008 Advertising 0 Comments

Technorati seem to have launched (in beta) their new ad network – Technorati Engage. There’s no official word on their blog yet – but the ad network does seem to be live.

This isn’t a really a surprise – Technorati acquired AdEngage back in October and said that they’d be Alpha testing their network – so this is just a natural extension.


  • Bloggers decide what they want to charge advertisers
  • Bloggers can choose what categories of advertisers that they wish to be shown on their blog
  • Bloggers have the ability to approve (or deny) advertisers. You get 48 hours to do this.
  • The Revenue split is 60/40 (with you the blogger taking 60%)
  • Ad Formats are 125 x 125 ad units, text ads and ‘PhoText’ ad units which come in four sizes (25, 50, 100, and 200 pixels in width) – they combine both image and text.
  • If Technorati can’t serve an ad and there’s an empty ad unit Technorati will serve CPC ads to the ad position.
  • Technorati are offering what they call ‘ad rotation’ where you can serve ads from a variety of advertisers in the one ad box.
  • Payment to publishers is via PayPal, Check or Wire Transfer.
  • Publishers can sign up here.
  • You can see full terms and conditions of the network here.
  • Check out the Publisher FAQs here.

Thanks to all who emailed me about this and especially to Steve who was first!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. You’re welcome ;)

  2. Darren, thanks for the head’s up on this, but mostly I’m commenting to say I voted & viewed the results in your sidebar and I’m MARVELING there are SO MANY BLOGGERS making over $5000/month blogging.

    I’m doing something terribly wrong…! Holy Cow!!

  3. This is going to do just as well as Adengage did by itself.. poorly! Adengage couldnt gain any market share and they were just treading water until they were acquired. Now it seems to me that Technorati doesnt remember what type of business they actually are!

    I know from a lot of bloggers in the network they have good CPM rates in USA, but absolutely nothing outside the USA, and im sure this is how it is going to be for a long time to come!!

    Steven Finch

  4. This is a good move. Technorati just enhanced AdEngage, which is good for them. I think this will turn out to be something like ProjectWonderful. Which I do like. But see there isn’t any service better then Google Ads out there currently. but hey there is nothing wrong in giving it a try.

    Regards: rizzy

  5. i guess i will give a try for this program even its new program.

  6. I had AdEngage in my notebook marked as “to check the service”.
    Maybe this new thing with Technorati and AE will make me try it much earlier. :)

  7. I think the bottom line is that it is an efficient option for bloggers to add revenue to their efforts. If it works, everyone in the value chain wins. If there are limitations or it just doesn’t work, an opportunity exists for some other smart person to build a better mouse trap.

    Sometimes we (I am guilty here too) are aggressively critical about web marketing solutions not working but forget life before the Internet where it cost a lot of money to take part in similar activity. If it works celebrate; if not, learn and adapt.

    Just my thoughts for whatever they are worth.

    John Easton

  8. Wow this is good new. Hope this programs as something new to offer for us bloggers.

  9. Maybe this is a good step towards taking Technorati out of large irrelevance. Love the Technorati, but they don’t update/the site is broken constantly. Love a service that delivers 125×125 ads :)

  10. I am interested in it, i have tried adbrite but no use, i am exporting it to work good for me. But 60/40 is somewhat killing me.

  11. wow….the great news for blogger making money…..fresh news bos, I never read the topic in other blog…..thanks

  12. There are so many ad networks everywhere that I don’t know which one to choose.

  13. Thanks very much for this. Do you know if it will work on wordpress.com? I was always disappointed to discover that google ads only works on wordpress.org.

  14. As often as the technorati monster gets loose I am not sure about installing a widget from them. We will have to test the system and see if this is worth pursuing.

  15. wow wow… technorati is coming to town.

  16. Hi
    Thankyou for a very informative post. Most of my day is cruising around the net looking for make money online related material and this post on Technorati Engage Ad Network is fantastic.


  17. @sony; I’ve not had any luck with AdBrite either. I hope Technorati can deliver, because at a 60/40 split, if they can’t keep that ad spot full, you might as well just sell those spots yourself.

    Their 40% cut is the trouble they save me of having to contact people myself to fill the spot. When I do take the time to contact people myself, I always manage to fill multiple spots. The downside is that my site isn’t big, so at 5-10$ per month per 125x125ad, the time I spend filling/managing those spots myself isn’t worth it.

  18. This looks pretty cool. But if you are splitting the profits 60/40 then why would you just use OIO Publisher and keep 100% of the profits? The only advantage of this is you increase your cances of getting an ad placed. But you still need to get more than three ads placed on your site to make the same amount of money as 2 ads through OIO publisher

  19. Hmm looks interesting. I’ll have to look further into this one me thinks.

    Maybe wait till they find their feet a little with it first though.

  20. I’m not a problogger and leave all business-related analysis and comments to Darren and other knowledgeable bloggers.. As a user, however, I am less than — how can I put it? — impressed by Technorati.

    I have been running a blog for almost 2 years, and their site is virtually always late in keeping track of my blog’s updates (1 post every 2-3 days). Also, the Technorati site contains lots of “YOU WON! NO KIDDING!” style ads.

  21. I think I am going to sign up and give this a shot. Who knows, it might actually make some extra money on top of Adsense and other networks.

  22. It will be interesting to see how this works out. I will definitely check them out for my blog when I get a bit higher daily traffic.

  23. @Darren : There was a post about this on their blog sometime in October- http://technorati.com/weblog/2008/10/454.html

  24. Wow! Sounds interesting! I’ll sign up just to experiment if something better than Google Ads is out there. At the same time I’ve notied that Technorati’s site is often overloaded.
    So, I’m not sure that they could handle a huge ammount of traffic though. Would Tech Engage work on a new version of WordPress.com 2.7? Who knows?

    Michael B
    MB7ArtThemia® Creator


  25. This sounds really good. The more options bloggers have the better.

  26. Hey Everyone,

    First, thanks for ‘discovering’ Darren, and thanks to your readers for their valuable feedback. I thought I’d chime in.

    Second, let me explain that what you see with Technorati Engage today is a private beta, so please be patient with expectations. You may have noticed we haven’t announced it or promoted it because it’s just that — a private beta with very limited functionality and only a handful of publishers and advertisers so that we may iron out the kinks before opening it up to everyone. We’re going to being testing for a few months with a very slow ramp to ensure we get it right, and have a great service for both bloggers and marketers.

    Lastly, please stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready for launch. Our mission is to support bloggers and people who read blogs, and we want Technorati Engage to support that goal and you.

    richard jalichandra
    ceo, technorati

  27. During this hard time , hopefully we can gain something or earn more using this Technorati Engage.

    Keep on writing guys..

  28. According to the publisher FAQ, bloggers take 75% of the total revenue.

    How much will I get paid?
    On the 30th of each month, Technorati Engage pays the webmaster or publisher 75% of all the income generated from ad sales on the website. This is believed to be one of the highest revenue shares in the industry.

    Perhaps they just got this updated after deciding to pay bloggers a bigger share?

  29. This information is great. I signed up to Technorati Engage. Perfect! Thanks. Buysellads.com pays better, but I give Technorati Engage a try.

  30. Cool, i like this, i might using their services to earn more from my blog, soon or later all the social media will implement this way

  31. The 60/40 payment ratio is a big dissappointment.

  32. ehm..seems like not many people know about this program. Did anyone already get paid before?

  33. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the great article. This is worth tweeting. Keep up the great work.

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