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Technorati Get a New Top 100 – Temporarily

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of March 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

100 bloggers usually ranked in the 400’s at Technorati’s rankings must be feeling pretty nice tonight as they’ve been elevated to the top 100 in what seems to be a glitch in the Technorati’s top 100 blogs list.

I have to say – it’s kind of nice to see some fresh faces at the top of the list for a change! Here’s a screen cap to commemorate the moment.



Update: Looks like its up and running as per normal again.

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  • Oh, why couldn’t it have been the 700’s?

  • Didn’t help me out at all… darn ;) Hopefully it will bring some new visitors to these overlooked blogs!

  • I wish I was boosted up. That means that I’m looking for Technorati to mistakenly put blog #217,330 (at the moment) up to number 1.

    It could happen…

  • All 13 of our Word Press blogs have disappeared from their service. Same for several of my friends.

    Must be that new Anti-Word Press spray they’re using !

    Hopefully they’ll find all the one’s they’ve lost…maybe in a back alley or under a desk.

    No need to lose our temper’s…they’ve already lost our blogs !

    Life’s easy … blog hard … and hope Technorati doesn’t lose you.

  • Getting to the first 10 or 100 or 1000 of blogs surely attracts some traffic, the first important thing is to get listed, then will go improving the position,

    But how many blogs out the millions around can get listed, atleast in the top 10000 blogs?

  • *happy dance* :)

  • A.H

    This whole technoarti thing is starting to stink, it should be about time when someone really realizes that and a new (professional) service will be up.

    Oh wait, did i just say a really bad thing about the service that drives me dozens of visitors a day? hmmm…i pull that back.


  • Oh boy… I made the list at #76. Last time I checked my genuine ranking was 436. Finally a Technorati bug that works in my favor!

    Technorati has been so full of technical glitches that it makes me wonder if they’re recruiting their programmers straight out of college. I think they need to start hiring some smarter people, since it seems to me like the bugginess of their system is increasing, not decreasing. I respect what their service is trying to do, but it’s not of much value to me because I just don’t trust it anymore. I think they still have the first mover advantage, but if they don’t get their act together, it may not be enough to save them. Good intentions just aren’t enough. A high degree of competence is necessary too. In lieu of adding new features, they should focus on stabilizing the ones they’ve got. Otherwise they’re just making a bigger house of cards.

  • I’m so not close to 100, I didn’t even notice the bug. (blush)

  • Aaron Brazell

    Wow. I… like… don’t know who any of those people are. :p

  • weird…

  • Steve, you’ve just summarized my thoughts exactly.

    First mover doesn’t cut it if you give shitty service.

    If another company put its act together, it might just push technorati over the abyss.

    not that I would mind.

  • They keep adding features we don’t really want. And they don’t insure their basic service is running smoothly. That’s poor management.

  • Why, oh why, couldn’t it be the 2,000’s?

  • And this wrong list puts Technorati founder David Sifry at #87 and #96!

    Maybe they should alway have their Top 100 from somewhere lower down – that way when the popularity you get from being on the list kicks in, you end up getting promoted up off the list and out of view, ensuring ongoing exposure to newer blogs?

  • Wow, it still hasn’t been fixed yet. I wonder when they will notice the glitch.

  • 100 more unique links and I’m in the Top 100! Much better than needing 1,000 more unique links.

  • Apologies for the glitch; we tracked down the cause and fixed it now. Those of you interested in showing up in top N lists should have a look at tagging your blogs and getting into the blogfinder topic-specific lists:

  • I moved up from around 435 to number 72 temporarily.