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Technorati adds ‘Most Favorited’ Top 100

Speaking of Technorati – they now have a ‘most Favorited’ Top100 list which is made up of the blogs that have the highest number of users adding the blog as a favorite. Looking at the numbers involved I’d say that the favorites feature is perhaps not the most used feature on Technorati yet Steve Rubel who heads the list has 119 and Robert Scoble has 115 so far.

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  • When I look at the numbers, I see that 50 motivated people could get into that list very quickly and have some nice exposure for a while. Wanna play?

  • Interesting, I wonder if my blog will ever get on that list. It’s a good way to get more visitors to your blog.

  • I knew I had a lot of readers right now, but I didn’t realize I had enough to get me to the #2 spot! It doesn’t appear to have boosted my traffic all that much, but it is cool to know that I actually have some dedicated fans out there when I only started this to have some fun. I never realized how addicting it would get!

    Also, I thought I would let people know out there that when I started out I would check my stats ALL the time. Then I read an article on here that said I should focus more on writing then checking stats. That was a turn around for me and I have been happier ever since. I really don’t focus on my stats anymore and I try to work on the philosophy that if I build it, they will come.

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