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TeachingSells to Close Doors 31 July

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of July 2008 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

teachingsells.pngOne of the best courses that I’ve personally participated in on the topic of teaching people how to make money online is TeachingSells – and it’s about to close it’s doors to new members (in just 7 days).

Every time I come to write about TeachingSells, its creators have added new courses/modules to it.

They’ve now completed adding this content and it stands as 10 courses with a series of bonus modules added (you can read about them in the closing doors announcement). There is so much rich content in this resource that every time I visit it I feel like a kid in a candy store – picking up profitable idea after profitable idea.

The 10 central courses are:

  • How to Create Content That Sells
  • How to Effectively Market Interactive Learning Environments
  • How to Create Killer Multimedia Content with Quick and Easy Tools
  • Seven Profitable Business Models for Interactive Content Developers
  • Your Blueprint for Building Membership Sites with Open Source and Low-Cost Software
  • Educational Marketing: Persuasive Promotional Content That Prompts Action
  • Advanced Positioning and Creative Adaptation Strategies
  • Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Niche-Focused Membership Sites
  • Multimedia Storytelling – When the Medium is NOT the Message
  • Launch Strategies for Membership Sites and Training Programs

In addition there’s a great forum, library of resources and the support of great instructors – all with a money back guarantee.

If you’re not familiar with TeachingSells the best place to start is by downloading this free report that takes you through some of the principles behind it (the report itself is well worth the read even if you don’t invest in the actual course).

This is not a course about blogging for money – but it’s one that will help you extend what you’ve learned and achieved with your blog and take it further.

Doors close on TeachingSells at midnight on 31 July. Brian Clarke (one of it’s founders) writes that it will re-open at some point but it’ll be at a higher price point and in a different form.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Why are doors closing? I can’t afford it just yet

  • Well, at least they know their basic sales psychology. Perceived scarcity has been selling stuff since the dawn of time. I bet they teach this same trick in their courses.

    Still, considering the fact that I got this piece of info from this site – a site that I trust – I’m intrigued. The fact that you speak so highly of this has convinced me to actually go and have a good look at it. Before July 31st, of course…

  • I’m not feeling this service, you do know there are ways to get this information for free right?

  • Good news for bloggers !

    Suddenly everybody’s buying blogs
    Guido Fawkes reports, via Newer Labour, that the left-wing blog Labour Home has been bought for “a high five-figure sum” by Mike Danson, who owns the New Statesman.

    Suddenly everyone is buying blogs. The Guardian bought US media blog Paid Content for around £15m two weeks ago – about double what Michael Arrington said the site would fetch back in March.

    Meanwhile, OleOle, the US-based social media site built around football, has been adding football blogs to its network, in effect buying in audience to grow its network. Recently they’ve added Arseblog, Lord of the Wing, Chelseablog, Harry Hotspur, Fans del Real Madrid, Boca Juniors Fans,, Football-Spot, and Real Madrid Talk.

    Doug Knittle, OleOle’s CEO told me: “Compensation for acquired blogs and team sites is currently closer in structure to a salary. All of the site owners and bloggers make more with what OleOle pays them than what they were previously able to make on their own through advertising. In addition to a bit more money each month, they get the support of the OleOle team for hosting and marketing.”

  • Hey ,it is $97! it is not affordable for me .Can you give me some other good websites like with less than $50 .Ok ,any way thanks for the information. I am wondering why they are closing the door for new members ,when new members are registered its an oppurtunity for them to earn more.

  • I’m going to have to agree with Grant. While I’m sure the information provided is useful and organized well, it most certainly can be found “out there” with a little diligence.

  • This website seems quiet promising. I don’t see any reason for it to close the doors. Since online learning and teaching have well kept its pace in the global arena, I don’t think this website should not be able to sell itself.

  • I’m not so sure how negative I would be about this program guys. I think one of the guys running that program may have something to do with But im not 100% sure.

  • I always hear good things about teaching sells. The very people that promote it on their own blogs, those like you, shows a lot about the program.

    Too bad it’s closing, but it also gives people something to shoot for.

    They gave a hint of what the price may be next time, so, that’s a goal for some to work for if the want it!

  • You’re right that you can probably go out there and find all of this information for free on your own.

    But there is value in having everything put together for you in a single place and organized in a logical order. You don’t have to get bits and pieces from all over the internet.

    The stuff you can get in the ProBlogger book could definitely be found in this website or culled from other “how to blog” websites. And yet, there is great value in the book.

    If you don’t have the time to collect all this information a program like TeachingSells or the ProBlogger book are great ways to go.

    Having said all that, I haven’t bought either. I’m inundated with great ideas and suggestions so my problem isn’t lack of education. It’s lack of implementation. If someone could figure out a way to get you to implement great ideas, that’s something I’d buy.

  • As a member of tEaching Sells –

    $97.00 is cheap. Follow their blueprint and it will way more than pay for itself. Yes, you can find this info for free, but I’ve been wading through the trash for two years trying to find it and figure out if it was good stuff or hype. I still didn’t have my site and I was frustrated, overwhelmed and ready to give up.

    Now? My site will launch this fall! YAY!

    What really puts TS over the top? Let me count the ways…The forums, the fact that the info is all in one place, I can interact with the “teachers”, and it is (obviously) a proven system and I could go on and on…

    And by the way, yes, Brian Clark of Copyblogger is one of the two founders. ‘Nuff said!

  • Teaching Sells won’t open again for new members until mid-2009. I’ve gotten what I wanted out of my membership already, so if anyone out there is looking to try it out, I have an account that’s paid up through 9/28 for sale. It’s $97 per month, paid up through the end of September, but I’m willing to sell it to someone for just $40.

    If you’re interested, contact me at cody |at| thrillingdesign |dot| com.

  • using the teaching sells education I launched a website This website teaches you how to market, promote, and drive traffic to a website on the internet. At 1 for 7 days to test it out, and 10 dollars a month thereafter, it is an affordable alternative. With forums, weekly updated content, videos, and resources, this is a great educational environment for those of you looking to make money on the internet.