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Teaching Sells – 12 Weeks of Training in the Future of Paid Content

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of October 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Teaching SellsRegular readers of ProBlogger will have already heard about the free Teaching Sells report from Brian Clark and Tony Clark. Brian and Tony released this report just over a week ago and have released update reports since.

Today they have just announced the followup teaching course to the report. Actually it’s multiple (5) courses because they’re offering 3 months of teaching to Charter members.

The courses cover these areas:

  1. How to Create Content That Sells
  2. How to Effectively Market Interactive Learning Environments
  3. How to Create Killer Multimedia Content with Quick and Easy Tools
  4. Seven Profitable Business Models for Interactive Content Developers
  5. Your Blueprint for Building Membership Sites with Open Source and Low-Cost Software

I’ve just taken a work through the first course and it’s really good. It includes a mixture of articles, visual presentations, audio files, assignments/quizzes and discussion areas for members to interact with one another.

The cost of Teaching Sells is $97 for the three months that these five courses will be rolled out. This is an introductory special price that runs out at midnight on 31st October (must be some sort of Halloween thing). Is it value for money? I look at it as an investment of $8 a week for the 12 weeks of the courses – in my mind that’s value. I’m also comforted by the money back guarantee which gives you 30 days to change your mind.

At the end of the three months you can either continue to be a Teaching Sells member (with more training) or end your membership.

I am really excited by what Brian and Tony have put together and can’t wait to participate in the five courses as they are rolled out. I’m also excited that the affiliate program that they have attached to this (which I’m participating in) is not an open slather one that anyone can participate in. It’s limited to people who’ve actually experienced the course – to participate you have to be a member of it as I am.

The reason what they’re doing excites me is that I’ve long held the belief that while it’s possible to make good money directly from a blog – that there’s also a lot of opportunity in leveraging the profile and traffic that a blog can bring and launching something bigger. The problem most bloggers face though is that they don’t know how to take the next step. This practical course is designed to help us all do this.

Click here to learn more about and enroll in Teaching Sells

Want to know more? To explore the course and the reasons for it more I’ve got an interview with Brian coming up in the next 24 hours – stay tuned.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • “The cost of Teaching Sells is $97 for the three months”

    Well, I’m still a student. You can compare the price with a textbook I need for my studies. In my opinion way too expensive.

    Advertised, free content, like here on Problogger is, in my opinion, the better way to publish your writings.

  • Rhonda

    I have to respectfully disagree Markus. I enrolled in Teaching Sells because it wasn’t available to everyone. I don’t just want the free information that millions of others are reading because I don’t want to produce something that millions of others are producing. Yes $97 hurts a little, but for me this isn’t like buying a text book that I can digest in a few hours, it is like buying a course that will take me months to do. This goes for 12 weeks – so it’s $8 a week. Even as a student I could afford that, in fact I’d blow that on a Friday night on the first 2 beers!

    Darren, I can say as someone who has enrolled that I’m really impressed by it already. Thanks for your initial recommendation of the report, I have a feeling that this is going to lead to something special for me.

  • frank

    Isn’t there a huge disclosure problem in this entry? b5media And Copyblogger relationship, and also the affiliate link known b5-CB relationship, and Darren Rowse’s role in b5 and obviously direct contact to Clark&Clark and probably insight in not released paid-content?

  • Rhonda – I totally agree with you. The information contained in the members area is really good, and the adivce I’ve read so far is helpful.
    I think the $97 for 3 months membership is very cheap, to be honest – that maybe because I believe the course will help me and a night out sets me back more than that, heck probably double – drink prices in the UK are far too expensive!

    I’ve already learnt something new from reading another members blog, so the networking for me alone will be beneficial.

  • Simon

    Posts like this lose a site pagerank…

    It’s a paid review, like the widgetbucks one

  • I was impressed by the free ebook as I think I should be selling stuff to capatalise on all the free stuff I give away, as I know other companies in my field charge a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars per copy for reports that I could write in an afternoon – why I haven’t done so is another matter, and perhaps something that TeachingSells could help me with!

    Although the price is nice (about one month’s Text Link Ads for me), I’d like to perhaps do the course at my own pace. Is that an option?

    Darren, since you’re using an affiliate link, how about using some of the profits you make to offer a free subscription to one or two lucky readers?

  • frank I don’t think there’s a disclosure issue here. Copyblogger is part of b5 and so am I – but b5 takes no part of any profit from any sale of Teaching Sells. I do disclose that I’m an affiliate of Teaching Sells in this post and so can personally gain from it – but as far as I know there’s no way b5 would.

    Sure there’s direct contact between Brian and I – we’re friends and have been since before he joined b5 – but I don’t see that as having any real impact on this.

    Ken – good idea. Will have a think about how to do it.

  • @Rhonda: Thanks for your kind reply! I can clearly understand your opinion and I think I should have add, that my main interest with my new blog is not making money in the first place.

    I guess my goal is to redeem the costs for the webserver and have fun with the blogging community and learn writing in English :)

    Perhaps this changes with the time and reports like this are, then, a good investment.

  • @Markus: I think you’ve already nailed the writing in English. Good luck with your training regime.

  • I downloaded and read the book. I have my reservations but ultimately I think it can and probably will work. The generation of students I teach at university now are tech savvy and with very little help take to wiki’s very easily. Still as the book points out this is an early adopter technology so it may be some time for it as fruitful as promised. I have run this kinds of courses at university before (virtual learning etc) and it only suits the learning styles of some people.

  • @Simon, if you classify this post as a paid review, you have just declared all posts that contain affiliate links as paid reviews! A paid review is one where the reviewer gets paid just for writing the review, regardless of the outcome. This is an ordinary blog post in which Darren has embedded an affiliate link. He only gets ‘paid’ if people actually enroll via his link.

  • Myrtha Chang

    Nah… I think Darren gets a free lunch out of it, and a chance to interview Brian. When I grow up I want to be like Darren. I took my first step, I signed up with TeachingSells. Do you have any idea how much they’ll teach you: Course 3: learn to use Camtasia, Articulate, Audacity… Course 5: blueprint for integrating aweber, amember, moogle, etc.. into a membership site. Do you have any idea how much it costs to get a tutorial on just one of those tools?

  • frank

    Darren, all fair points. :)