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Posted By Darren Rowse 8th of March 2008 Pro Blogging News 12

A few people have asked where I’ll be at SXSW this week. The following is a shortlist of sessions that I have on my ‘might go’ list. If you’re there and see me – do say G’day!

Friday, 7 March 2008

03:30PM How to Rawk SXSW: The Basics (18ABCD)
04:30PM Book Reading: Radically Transparent: Monitoring & Managing Reputations Online (Day Stage)

Saturday, 8 March 2008
10:00AM Quit Your Day Job and Vlog (12AB)
11:30AM Sponsored Panel: Managing Communities That Work (5)
02:00PM Opening Remarks with Henry Jenkins and Steven Johnson (A)
03:30PM The Art of Speed: Conversations With Monster Makers (18ABCD)
03:30PM 10 Things We’ve Learned at 37signals (A)
05:00PM A General Theory of Creative Relativity (A)
05:00PM Social Network Coups: The Users are Revolting! (19AB)

Sunday, 9 March 2008
10:00AM Online Advertising for Newbies (10) (I’m on the panel of this one)
11:30AM Core Conversation: 10 Easy Ways To Piss Off A Blogger (And Other Mistakes Marketers Make) (Ballroom E)
11:30AM Core Conversation: Blog on Company Time Without Getting Dooced (Ballroom E)
11:30AM Core Conversation: Blogging for Dollars – Blogging’s a Profession? (Ballroom E)
11:30AM Core Conversation: “I’m Internet Famous”: Status in Social Media (Ballroom E)
02:00PM Keynote Interview with Mark Zuckerberg (A)
03:30PM Tools for Enchantment: 20 Ways to Woo Users (A)
03:30PM Blogs, Buzz, and Buddy Lists (12AB)
05:00PM LOLWUT? Why Do I Keep Coming Back to This Website? (18ABCD)
05:00PM SEO 3.0: Optimizing Search & Social for 2008 and Beyond (A)

Monday, 10 March 2008
10:00AM Beyond the Blogosphere: How Online Talent is Being Developed Offline (12AB)
10:00AM The Art of Self-Branding (A)
11:30AM Social Networking and Your Brand (B)
11:30AM Core Conversation: Your Blog Is A Niche Community (Ballroom E)
12:30PM The Weblog Awards Ceremony (Day Stage)
02:00PM Monday Keynote: Frank Warren (A)
03:30PM Online Adulation: Use Don’t Abuse Your Fans (8)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008
10:00AM Book Reading: Blogging for Dummies, 2nd Edition (Day Stage)
10:00AM Future of Corporate Blogs (A)
10:30AM Book Reading: WordPress for Dummies (Day Stage)
11:30AM Independent Success: Bloggers Who Made It (A)

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
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  1. Online Advertising for Newbies?

    Should have taken some good other topic related to blogging.
    Will there be a live telecast or recorded video of the happenings there?

  2. That is one busy week!

  3. oh man… I wish I were at SXSW!

  4. Full Schedule there for You Darren. I wont be there, so I’ll say an Internet G’day Mate


  5. What??? You’re not coming to my session: “Adult Conversations: Sex, Intimacy & Online Relationships” ???

  6. Right! A busy week

  7. For me who can;t make it to SXSW, I will be sticking by Meebo’s different SXSW chatrooms at http://www.meebo.com/sxsw/

  8. I’m one of the panelists on the Tuesday 11:30AM Independent Success: Bloggers Who Made It session so I really hope you come! Everyone else too! Please say hi to me!

    Independent Success: Bloggers Who Made It

  9. Will there be a live telecast or recorded video of the happenings there?

  10. Hi Darren,

    Will you be attending any search related conferences in Sydney any time soon?

    I would like to say hello if you are at ad:tech or similar?

    Cheers mate, and have a look at my blog when you get a chance!

  11. It was nice meeting you on the bus tour. I had a good time networking with people and enjoyed the conversations!

  12. Busy man is usually a success man!

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