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Survey: 46% of Bloggers are in it for Money

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of July 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Jim Kukral is releasing information from the BlogKits Survey of bloggers that he did a while back over at ReveNews and finds that 36% of blogger maintain blogs primarily because they like to write.

There’s nothing too profound in that – but the other categories show the increasing focus upon money that bloggers have with 28% saying ‘It’s fun and I can maybe earn a buck while I’m at it ‘ and a further 18% saying ‘to make money’. So that’s a grand total of 46% of bloggers who blog with money on their minds.

Of course this survey was done at BlogKits which is a blog advertising program so we should expect that a certain percentage of respondents would be interested in blogging for money. So whilst we probably can’t say 48% of ALL bloggers do so with money as a motivation (although it makes a nice headline) I think the figures do represent an increased focus upon commercial blogging for many.

Read more of these results at Bloggers Like To Write First, Make Money Second

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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  • Kyle Welsh

    If I were in it for the money, I wouldn’t be doing it. What the survey is really saying is almost half (of the bloggers surveyed) are shollow bastards! For those of you making a living blogging – my hat off to you. To me blogging is about sharing information.

  • In response to Kyle: I don’t know your circumstances, but I’m seriously considering how to make money out of my blogs in order to get away from the rat race!

    9-to-5 stability is wonderful and all, but if I were able to ditch my day job to become a full-time web designer and blogger, I would.

    And I personally think it’s right that people who take time to produce quality blogs should get some form of reward….

  • Sounds about right. But there are also the hybrid bloggers. After 6 months of serious blogging, I’ve morphed into a hybrid. My main blog is for fun and interest. But I’ve wanted to try my skills (such as they are) in the Dollarsphere as well. I’m now starting to develop prototypes for moneymaking blogs which will eventually move onto a serious platform like Typepad. I think you can do both. Why not?

  • I agree with John, why should the two be mutually exclusive?

    Nothing in this world is free, it takes time and money to set up a website and run it (especially if you are providing bandwidth consuming content), a few ads on the site that may return you a few $ every month helps cover the costs.

    I wish my pockets were deep enough to cover all my costs without having to advertise – the website looks alot better without ads on it – but unfortunately my hosting company likes to get paid for its services……

    What I do despise are the people who set up sites with the intention of doingnothing but raising money – they provide no service, no information, just a site with 3 banners above the fold and 3 lines of test to get indexed on google.

  • these discussions are stupid – if given blog has ANY ADVERTISEMETNS then it is written to earn money, otherwise not. No point in discussing it deeper…

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  • Comic Strip Blogger, I think you possess a very shallow understanding of your fellow man… and woman :)

  • CSB,

    No discussion is ‘stupid’, especially one such as this, where opinions obviously differ.

    What about blogs that have been going for years with no advertisements, but now have a few in an attempt to cover costs – are these still classed as being ‘written to earn money’ – and I assume from your tone, written for no other reason?

  • Interesting stuff. I fall mostly into the 28% of “Fun and it would be nice to make some money.”

    Another good headline would have been: 0% of Bloggers In It For The Chicks :)

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  • You might want to revise your headline – indeed 46% of bloggers do it for the money ;)

  • oops – maths was never a strong point for me. ta Arieanna

  • What’s wrong with making a profit off of a blog and a substantial one at that? If I just made back just enough to cover my hosting fees on what I consider to be my professional sites, I would be extremely disappointed. Most people would envy someone who can make a living off of their hobby or their passion but when it comes to blogging, many believe that monetizing your writing cheapons whatever it is that you have to say.

  • The survey has too few choices. Here are a couple additional ones that would cover most of the popular politically-oriented bloggers:
    a) I have a political agenda but I’m not paid to promote it
    b) I have a political agenda and I’ve kinda been more or less paid to promote it if you really want to split hairs about things then yeah, but I really don’t think I was paid despite what they said.

    Then there’s the nerdosphere and the teen girl blogs and such. If most people do it because they like writing according to the survey, that’s only because they didn’t want to choose one of the other options.

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  • I am definitely doing it for the money. Once I make enough money where I do not have to work anymore, then I would concentrate my efforts on blogs and surveys as a hobby. I am really making good money from free paid surveys

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  • I just set up my first blog and an not sure how you go about making money. I am one of the 46% bloggers who is in it for the money. I mean if you are getting a large amount of traffic, why not monetize it for a profit.

  • Heh.. interesting post. This is exactly what I’m trying to do. In less than two weeks I’ve received now over 40,000 unique visitors to my blog, and made a good couple hundred dollars from it.. not nearly as much as my 9 to 5 but someday soon.. maybe.. — full of tutorials on how to do what i’ve done

    check it out..

  • Yes that is correct. I liked your comment. I too belong to the same profile and this was of great help.

    Jamal Williams

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  • Hi,
    I’m trying very hard to make money from my blog. It would be great if I can make more money from my blog. It seems that I’m not alone in the blogosphere trying to make money from blog.

    Nice posts Darren. :)

  • I started my blog after I learned how to make a couple bucks on the side. I mostly have it there to give the link to people who are new to surveys and GPT to get them started. I have made money at it so I am in the process of buying a new domain and hosting. I have another blog that is strictly for fun :)

  • Nothing in this world is free, it takes time and money to set up a website and run it (especially if you are providing bandwidth consuming content), a few ads on the site that may return you a few $ every month helps cover the costs.

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