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Stylegala for Sale

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of May 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

StylegalaOne of my favorite web design sites, Stylegala is up for sale over at Sitepoint. David, it’s owner, just emailed me to let me know the news and I’m going to be fascinated to see how the auction goes.

If you’ve got a spare $30,000 (USD) you could just pick yourself up a pretty well respected site with 4.2 million monthly page views.

I’m sure there are a few web design junkies breaking open their piggy banks and counting out their pennies since this was announced.

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  • How is it that they’re only generating US$2500 per month in income on 4.2 million page views? US$0.59 eCPM is mighty low.

    I’m guessing this site won’t be bought by someone with a great love of that community. Heaven forbid if someone buys it solely for the PR and finds a way to use it as a landing site for junk. US$30,000 is peanuts, I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I was a splogger.

    Good luck to that bunch, though. I wouldn’t sell my tiny blogs for that amount given the time invested. I wonder why they don’t hold out for after the Summer doldrums and try to get more.

  • I would love to own that site. It is an amazing resource and I love CSS+XHTML designs, but alas…30k is not something I have sitting around.

  • What’s with the “Advertisements” heading by the Adsense ad? Big no no … the key is to integrate them into the design, not announce them as ads and separate them.

    It’s a nice site, but I agree with the first commenter. That’s three times the page views I do, yet a fraction of what I would ask. Seems like a site that is more design-focused than a money machine. At any rate, best of luck to them.

  • In terms of the ad performance. It doesn’t sound great but one of the problems with topics like web design (or blogging for that matter) is that your audience is pretty web savvy and often blind to ads. It’s difficult to get the clicks needed for high conversion.

    In terms of why they lable their ads – many web masters don’t like the ‘blend’ approach because they feel it can be confusing to their readers – they therefor make their ads distinct from content by positioning, design and/or lableling them (it’s ok to user certain lables of AdSense ads in the TOS). It’s a matter of personal taste/standards I guess.

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  • This is timely, I just stumbled across SitePoint last night (adding it to my bookmarks) and was reading up on this.

    On a slightly different tack, I found it very helpful to go and look at the sites that people had been putting up for sale. I could see how they integrated advertising on their pages and of course they also detail their traffic and income levels.

    As someone who isn’t getting much traffic or income it is very nice to get an in depth look at these details with respect to contect offered.

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  • Mmmmmmm, kind of difficult someone’s gonna buy it….if he is getting so much hits per day…why would he sell it?

  • But I must say stylegala is a great community however its already sold but I wish I could buy this at that time. Best of luck. FYI, After this I have started a venture like this on the name of Design Expanse ( I wish I can get this high in coming years and touch the sky. Please pray for my website.