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Steve Pavlina Reveals Blog Earnings for 2005

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of January 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

Steve Pavlina has just posted some graphs plotting his 2005 Traffic & Adsense Revenue Growth which both show how well his site has been doing over the last 12 months.

Steve’s traffic has grown from 86,000 visitors in the month of February 2005 to a projected level of 715,000 visitors this month.

His Adsense earnings have grown in a very similar way rising from $53 per month to $4,700. I don’t see a total for the year in his post but it seems to be around the $14,000 mark which isn’t bad. Of course a third of that came in the last month so extend it out a year and you’ll see an income of over $55,000 even if the graph completely plateaus.

Steve’s graphs (see the Adsense one) show a very smooth increase in traffic and earnings and illustrate the power of sticking with a blog over a longer period of time.

2005 2Dadsense 2Dgrowth

It’s probably worth noting that Steve’s experience is somewhat exceptional and not the norm for most bloggers in terms of the levels of traffic and earnings he’s been able to grow. His rise has been remarkably quick and the result of some exceptional writing, viral word of mouth marketing and success in social bookmarking sites. Having said that the shape of his graph is reasonably typical from my experience. While the numbers for most are ALOT lower blogging is a long term venture.

Steve looks forward in his post to the future and what it could grow to. His last 12 months has seen increases in traffic of 21% per month and increases in AdSense of 50% per month (nice).

These levels of growth don’t look like tapering off from the graphs but my experience shows that they will at some point. But as he points out – even if he can sustain 10% growth per month over the next year he’ll be on target for some $10,000 months – and that’s just his AdSense earnings.

Steve’s story is a fascinating one to watch and one that I’m sure many are/will be inspired by.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. His blog is definitely one of my favourites..check out the podcasts as well…what an inspiration!

  2. Now the next question is, how do I use these techniques? I’ve had little success with social bookmarking sites, and little success with word of mouth either. But I am probably doing something wrong. :)

  3. Good news for Steve if you subscribe to the idea of of a scale-free network (basically a network with centrally located, highly connected “hubs”) is, that he doesn’t have to worry about his traffic leveling off soon. It is basically the ” rich get richer” phenomen. – I mean it in a completey non- monetary way here.
    a page with many in-links will attract more in-links than a regular page
    or a popular page will get more popular. Case in point : Would you have made an entry about Steve’s site if he wouldn’t have posted those results?
    It’s a selffeeding monster. Now the bad news for every aspiring Steve – without those network nods this all becomes a relentless search for that one link that one mentioning from an influentual site.

  4. I read Steve’s blog a lot. It’s one of my top five favorite blogs. I’m happy to see that he’s able to get rewarded for his good work.

  5. I have similar experience with Steve, not really 50% growth in revenue each month, but I have very steadily growth each month and now my main blog has become an extra low-pay job on top of my full-time salary. My whole income has become a very high paid management salary. Sacrificed a lot of my free time at night but definitely worth it, in term of experience and income. Word of mouth is probably the most powerful tool, only if you got good content and post that are worth to link to, or good model of your blog like the model of Lifehack.community is start growing as well. Best of all, it helps bloggers or writers to promote their thoughts and contents.

  6. Well that is pretty phenomenal that he is able to earn money with little overhead through his writing. It certainly beats going out and finding a book deal etc. I think someone like him would be able to earn money no matter where he placed his time. His experience is exceptional as you say but I wonder if people realise just how exceptional. No marketing techniques, advice on how to place adsense ads, or how to get to the top of delicious is going to replace having a good editorial voice that people want to read or hear (a good site design can be a part of that as well).

  7. Darren, thanks for “introducing” me and others to Steve Pavlina. What a positive spirit that man has. Nice analysis of his latest post. Reminder to be patient, good things take time to grow.

  8. […] Steve Pavlina that’s who, the next problogger on the block according to Darren. Before you resign from your God forsaken job and start seeing problogging stars, read the fineprint straight from Darren. His point? it’s not for 98% of the blogging population. It’s probably worth noting that Steve’s experience is somewhat exceptional and not the norm for most bloggers in terms of the levels of traffic and earnings he’s been able to grow. His rise has been remarkably quick and the result of some exceptional writing, viral word of mouth marketing and success in social bookmarking sites. Having said that the shape of his graph is reasonably typical from my experience. While the numbers for most are ALOT lower blogging is a long term venture. […]

  9. Great site. Hoping to grow my blogs too but not sure how you can grow something so fast as he did.


  10. wow! that is indeed amazing earnings for a blog writer! I just started a blog recently, setup adsense and let’s see how it goes – even up to $30/day is very good for me. :)

  11. Wow, that’s incredibe growth! Makes you salivate just looking at it.

  12. Blogger Steve Pavlina Shows His AdSense Revenue And Traffic Numbers From 2005

    Steve Pavlina did a presentation on blogging and website revenue and put together some slides showing his growth in traffic and AdSense revenue for all of 2005. It is quite an impressive success story and Steve projects he will hit…

  13. I was a little surprised that the design of the site wasn’t more attractive. I suppose it just goes to show that it’s the quality of the written content that matters most. Thanks for the post Darren.

  14. […] (Gefunden bei ProBlogger) […]

  15. All I can say is WOW, that’s some great rise in adsense revenue, is it really just from one blog? I only can dream about that.

    What I do wonder seeing some more of these amazing adsense revenues? Which % of bloggers earn these revenues with just one weblog vs different weblogs?

    Well as usual thx for the post

  16. […] So if you are interested in see these results follow this link. […]

  17. I understand the viral marketing concept and good quality writing leading to traffic and income growth.

    BUT, how on earth did he START his first month with average daily visitors rates of two thousand three hundred??

  18. […] Only recently (about 3 days back), we saw Steve Pavlina reveal his traffic and Adsense revenue growth over the past year. Darren Rowse has covered quite a bit of this at Problogger – highlighting the similarities of Steve’s Adsense growth chart with his own. More importantly, Darren notes that Pavlina’s high growth is an exception rather than the norm with bloggers, especially given the single blog Pavlina’s operates. […]

  19. tom: I don’t think that was the first month StevePavlina.com went online. It was probably the first month he implemented Adsense and the like. Nevertheless, inspiring numbers aren’t they?

  20. I’m beginning to wonder if the latest news will have a negative effect for ALL AdSense publishers as advertisers start scratching their heads.
    This kind of negative publicity can only hurt the players….

    Is Google Running Out of Steam?

  21. If you are interested here´s my post about my last year of Adsense My Adsense erarnings 2005.

  22. do people pay tax for these type of earnings??

  23. vinu – i can’t answer for Steve or other ‘people’ except to say that I do.

  24. I’ve been running http://www.urbanskaters.co.uk for about 8 months now and my earnings are increasing by more than 20%-50% per month. The first month was a mere $14, followed by $25 the next month, $55 the month after and so on. This month i’m upto $80 dollars so far and it’s averaging $2-5 a day!

    Any chance you guys could look at it for me, suggest any changes, comments etc. If you don’t ask, you might never know :)

  25. WOW!

    We should all be so lucky. I guess hard work breeds success.

  26. […] Here are a couple of pratica ideas centered around the idea of blogging, with Steve Pavlina’s blog as the example and also a post from Steve Pavlina about ‘Progressive Training‘. I don’t quite know where it fits in to my thoughts yet, but it has sparked something off along with the rest of this afternoon’s reading. […]

  27. Yeah, Steve is the man. He isn’t your run of the mill blogger.

  28. It’s amazing how desires of various people can be manipulated to generate income.

    This below here is a summary of stevepavlina.com.

    “Oh, you want to be disciplined ? Improve your health, your career, your finances, your relationships, your emotions, your habits, and your spiritual beliefs.

    Then read my articles and click my ads and donate me money. Now I shall brag about your stupidity for providing me money.”

    It’s a big scam and almost none of us realizes it.

    I found a more detailed review of stevepavlina.com recently. Check it out it’s an interesting read.


  29. I think Google is great for little guys like me who have posted a LOT of content online but have seen very little revenue as a result. My topic is auto repair information, not as interesting as self-improvement but nonetheless necessary for anybody who owns a car or truck.

    I began posting Google ads on my website this spring after reading numerous stories about all the money some people are making off Google. My experience hasn’t been anything to gloat about, and I’m not about to quit my day job. But it is generating some much-needed income and the revenues are slowly building (about 10% a month). I hope to see more as time goes on. It all seems to hinge on how many visitors a websites gets, and how many visitors click on ads. I’ve noticed my click through rate has slowly improved each month, going from 2 to 3 percent, up to about 6 percent. Apparently the Google ads become more relavant as time goes on.

  30. You should give an update on this post. Steve now makes around $1000 a day, $30,000 a month as he has about 1.5 million hits a month.

  31. Well, this guy is a real legend, I must say! Best luck to him…

  32. Just made a post on him.

  33. wow… exponential growth! i wish i could be like him

  34. cool! haha, you can make more money on the internet than working 9-5!

  35. I found the meaning of the word inspiration as a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. As my soul is inspired by those people who stand out in the crowd. Hats off to you (Darren, Steve) and thank you very much.




  36. Jessica says: 12/15/2008 at 9:42 pm

    Hey Steve I’m currently in the middle of reading your book and it’s so incredibly inspiring and empowering. Every day I read it my view of reality changes as does my consciousness. I also experience crazy synchronicities. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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