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State of the Blogosphere – October 2005

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of October 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

David Sifry has started another State of the Blogosphere series of posts – his first part looks at the size and growth of the blogosphere as well as the extent of spam blogs. Here’s his summary points which are as usual an interesting read:

  • ‘As of October 2005, Technorati is now tracking 19.6 Million weblogs
  • The total number of weblogs tracked continues to double about every 5 months
  • The blogosphere is now over 30 times as big as it was 3 years ago, with no signs of letup in growth
  • About 70,000 new weblogs are created every day
  • About a new weblog is created each second
  • 2% – 8% of new weblogs per day are fake or spam weblogs
  • Between 700,000 and 1.3 Million posts are made each day
  • About 33,000 posts are created per hour, or 9.2 posts per second
  • An additional 5.8% of posts (or about 50,000 posts/day) seen each day are from spam or fake blogs, on average
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  • Only 2%-8% of new blogs created everyday are spam blogs??? I find that number too low to believe. The other stats are reasonable and expected. But spam blogs are really bothering me lately.

    It’s a great thing installed spam comment preventative tools. That was beginning to wear me down.

    By the way, Darren, I’ll buy a Problogger shirt from CafePress as soon as I land that new job. Hopefully this week.

    Thanks for blogging great content everyday.

  • Maybe – that’s still between 1400 and 5600 “splogs” per day. And unfortunately because of their high posting (of c**p) frequency they do show up very often – maybe it just feels like more?

  • Lots and lots of splogs just came down the pipe via a massive script. Mark Cuban is cussing about it. Chris Pirillo talks about it too.

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  • I think the spam figures are low because those are the ones that Technorati tags as spam. I’m not sure about you guys, but I see a *lot* of spam in their SERPS. If they flag sites as spam I’m sure they don’t show up in any searches, so the ones we are seeing got by their radar and aren’t in that 5% figure.

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  • The blogosphere is now over 30 times as big as it was 3 years ago, with no signs of letup in growth ! its’fabulous!

  • Hmm, does anyone else think this “growth” is a little missleading? Lets see. Technorati is tracking 19.6 million blogs but there are only 1.3 million posts made per day. That means that in the space of 14 days there aren’t enough blog posts to account for a single post per 14 day period per blog. And that’s taking the high value.

    If we took the low value of 700,000 posts per day then it would take an entire month before we had one post for each blog tracked.And of course, statistics being what it is, that doesn’t take into account sites like this that post far more than once per day. For every ProBlogger posting 4 times a day, there would have to be 4 more blogs not posting.

    Conclusion? A lot of those 19.6 million blogs are inactive.

    Seems to me the real size of the blogosphere is a lot smaller than these figures make it sound.