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Squidoo Starts Paying Users

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of April 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Logo-Squidoo6I just got an email from Squidoo (aff) saying that they’re moving into their next phase of actually paying their ‘lens-masters’. They also announced three new money making modules:

  1. They’ve added a new eBay module which allows people to promote eBay auctions and earn a commission on items sold (if bought by the person you refer.
  2. They’ve added an affiliate program so that if you refer a Squidoo user you’ll get $5 when they reach $15 of earnings themselves (thats why the above Squidoo link is an aff link).
  3. Lastly they’ve got a new partnership with CafePress with a new module for that.

They also announced earlier in the week on their blog that they’ve just past the 20,000 lens mark.

It will be interesting to watch what impact the ability to make money from Squidoo will have upon the number of people joining and the rate at which they post. I’ve posted previously that one of my lenses was among the most profitable (it’s down the list now) and my conclusion of finding that out was that if you’re dedicated (and smart) enough you could probably make some decent money from the program – but like anything, it’s a long term and hard work proposition.

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  • Darren,
    I think this will have a huge impact – both in new lens started and a big surge in more content being produced.

    Why? Bloggers are always looking at new ways of earning revenue.

    The ony issue I see is that the risk/reward is not too good. It seems you have to really roll up your sleeves (nothing wrong with that) and do the hard stuff and the reward aspect is still an unknown quantity.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I just received my first check/PayPal payment from Chitika so I think I’m gonna stick with them!!


  • Hmmm…

    Fooled around with Squidoo a few months ago.

    My lens was ranked around 175 for a while then completely dropped off the radar. Adsense income is negligble so I don’t really waste time with following the herd…

    Better models focus on…

  • Same for me. My lens had about 6000 visits in four months and ZERO revenue.
    The adsense layout is awful. Anyway I can’t complain because I didn’t bother to check if I there were any customization options. My fault.

    Although I still think is a good idea, I won’t be spending more time with squidoo. But I will keep my eyes and ears open.


  • It’s really hard work. Mine hasn’t generated anything substantial yet.

  • Now Squidoo travelled a lot and now at different level of success. Their recent changes in their policy is quite interesting and will do the magic in coming years as well.