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Speedlinking – Reader Edition 17 February 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of February 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Reader-LinksYesterday when I called for reader submissions for a speedlinking post I had an inkling that I’d wake up to quite a few emails with links in them and my suspicions were correct – 47 in all.

What has been submitted covers a broad spectrum of topics -some of it is high quality, some of it I don’t completely agree with, some of it is a little controversial, some of it will be more useful to some of you than others.

I’d encourage you to surf through the list and to link up to those who you resonate with most. Enjoy.

PS: I’ve included a few comments at the end of the list on how it was compiled.

Now get surfing and link up to what you like! There’s enough there to keep you busy all weekend.

Here’s a few comments on the list.

• I was going to include a description of each one but I think in most cases the heading speaks for itself (I’ve included a couple of descriptions)

• I’ve included the link of the person who suggested it only when it differs from the link – hopefully I didn’t miss anyone.

• The order of posts is the order I received them in.

• A few people submitted more than one link – I’ve only used the first one submitted in each occassion (as per the instructions)

• I’ve included all links excluding a few that didn’t work and a few that were from people who submitted multiple links. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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