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Speedlinking – 6 December 2006

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of December 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Two announcements are echoing around the blogosphere today:

  • Jason Calacanis today announced he’s taken up a new job after leaving AOL Entrepreneur in Action (EIA) at Sequoia Capital.
  • The Blog Herald’s new owners have been announced as a network called the Bloggy Network Ltd – not to be confused with the previously established Bloggy Network LLC. I’ve been aware of the BN LLC for a year or so now but the BN Ltd only came on my radar a little while ago and caused me some confusion as to whether they were the same thing. Why anyone would choose a name already established is just strange. The comments of the announcement post show others feel similarly.
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  • Hi Darren,

    I noticed that you mentioned the names being similar,
    Bloggy Network Ltd & Blogg Network LLC, but I think it’s
    also a bit much that the URL’s are the same except for a
    -dash symbol !

  • If memory serves me correctly, an LLC in the US is legally equiv. to a LTD in the UK.

    Assuming that to be the case, and given that both are likely to be media-hungry, could we also assume some mutual litigation might be in the offing?

    If being sued / suing doesn’t get you on the radar, what will?!

  • Not sure if I’m allowed to comment again, no problem if I’m not.

    But I wanted to show my agreement with WAYNE SMALLMAN’s posting and add that ” There’s no such thing as bad publicity ” when you’re looking to be noticed ;)

  • I’m definitely not too happy about it :P They will forever be the copycat Bloggy Network that has to have a dash in their name :)

  • Don’t blame you Jacob – in my humble opinion it’s a pretty poor move on their part and not a great first big story to break about them!

  • Thanx for this information!

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