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Speedlinking – 4 October 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of October 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Here’s a few links that caught my attention over the last few days:

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  1. Darren,
    Hope you don’t mind my addition –

    (How to advertise with little or no money.)

  2. OMG, is October the competition month or so :P

    Your birthday competition
    John Chow’s RSS subscriber competition with Shoemoney
    the b5media Sports Channel

    Anyways, great links and articles, keep it up :)

  3. Dear Pro blogger

    We are novice bloggers and we read you regularly. Would you mind if we suggest our posts for consideration

    How Not to Game Technorati – Seven Evil Ways

    Blogger Novice to Pro in 24 hours flat

    Best Feed resource for Novice Bloggers

    May be you can consider us for speed linking next time. This is real big dream. But we are allowed to dream. Aren’t we ?

    Tech For Novices

  4. Great reading list for the day! I have been fascinated with the footers area of sites for some time as they can become boring, and most are.

    Hope you don’t mind a link for visual appeal of footer design:


    Does this mean I have a footer fetish? :)

  5. Hi darran i have made your cartoon on problogger birthday bash . I even mailed you :http://mytoons.blogpico.com/2007/09/11/happy-birthday-cartoon/

    I also blog on Blog Opinion
    URL: http://www.articlefarms.com/opinion

  6. the blog herald tip seems to be the trend of bloggers lately.

  7. I love the post on better utilisation of the footer.

    I have an affiliate link in the footer of my reality tv blog for people to purchase The Secret DVD, and the PO Box, but I haven’t utilised it much on the other blog. I will definitely look into it.

  8. Elliott – footer fettish…hehe nice one
    Mytoons – thanks for that – very cool!

  9. Great post on chat widgets..I personally use meebo me! Coolest one as far as I am concerned.

  10. Great links Darren, each one is a good read.

  11. Your Speedlinking always provide me a chance to many new blogs/sites. They are all great and useful for all type of readers. Thank you!

  12. One of my most popular posts is How to Make Money by Flipping a Website for Profit on eBay.

  13. some great articles of high quality as usual.. i use your speed links to explore new sites which i would normally not of seen

  14. This is just wild, unsubstantiated conjecture here, but my guess is that the people that are likely to click ads, and the people that leave comments, are the same group of readers. Things in the footer are likely to be seen by a reader leaving a comment, because the footer is just below the comment box. So, it very well could be effective.

  15. Thanks for the useful links. I could really use some good materials to read.

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