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Speedlinking – 29 June 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of June 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

After a year of blogging Charlene writes some reflections in a post titled Web Site Monetization – A Reality Check

Webconfs has a useful list of SEO basics – arranged with scores next to them ranging from +3 (strategies worth doing) to -3 (things to avoid). Nice list.

DoshDosh shares 15 Feedburner Feedflares for Promoting a Blog

This week’s SEOMoz Whiteboard video has some great stuff to say about branding yourself outside of the search context. I’ve actually been working up a series of posts that I hope will complement this nicely in the coming week or two.

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  1. Nice to see a video here at Pro Blogger! Quite entertaining, as well, though actually a bit light on serious info. The kind of branding he’s talking about often comes from having the money to spray your brand all over everything so people see it. I’m not saying you couldn’t accomplish it without gobs of cash, but it’s usually a direct money-to-impact ratio. Relevancy and context are the keys.

  2. Unfortunately SEO and SEM – if done professionally – are an unbeatable combination.

    The only thing that comes close is Viral Marketing, but that is that extremely hard to accomplish successfully.

    Obtaining a Social Media homepage is another option, however, the likelihood is uncertain and any effects are very fleeting and the demographics are usually the least targeted for prospects.

  3. Perhaps you should have embedded the video into the page. Having only a link to it may bounce a percentage of people who otherwise may have viewed it.

    Not that I presume to know more about website design than you, I just think embedding would have been a better choice and wanted to say so.

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