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Speedlinking – 27 June 2007

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of June 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments
  • Shoemoney has a good post on the value of speaking at conferences. He’s asked some key bloggers what they think about the topic. I think that it can be a valuable way of reinforcing your brand and have written more in the post.
  • Raj shares 7 Suggestions for Making Your Blog Writing More Accessible for your readers with some good suggestions.
  • PC World has written a piece that someone more cynical than me would call pretty smart linkbait – 100 Blogs we Love.
  • Blog Tutorials asks if Link Trains are the Chain Letters of the Blogging Age? I’m not really into them – my approach is to invest your time into quality content and the links will come – it’s a much more sustainable way to build a blog up. I’ve seen a few bloggers get into serious trouble issues with disappearing from Google for engaging in link building strategies – why take the risk?
  • The Contest Blogger is a blog about all the blogging competitions going on around the blogosphere.
  • Martin writes a guide to Alexa – will a blog ever make it to number 1? Highly unlikely.
  • Beth has a good Screencast which Demystifies Google Analytics. It’s not blog specific but a good introduction.
  • Avinash has more metrics talk with his post on Bounce Rate (he asks if it’s the Sexiest Web Metric Ever? – I’m not quite sure if it’s sexy – but it is useful).
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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hey, I run another blog for contests. Check Out: The Prize Blog DOT COM

  2. Great linkage! I’ve checked out contest blogger, and it’s a great blog! It was much needed…

  3. What an interesting article by Shoemoney.

    I cannot afford paying that much money right now and I am not sure if I would speak-block when in front of such a crowd.

  4. I just realized that I’m a second generation blogger.
    People like you, Lorelle and Yaro first discovered that you can have a journal online. You started out with coding your pages and after a while you found software to do it for you.
    You were the people who figured out how to play the search engines and how to get people to visit your site.

    As a second generation blogger I can benefit from your knowledge. It’s quite possible that I’v learned more about SEO in my first two months then you did in your first year.
    I’ve been monitoring my numbers, as any blogger does, and every time there’s a drop off I think about the tips I get form people like you to find what I can do next to increase traffic.

    The last few weeks I’ve been reading articles about web 2.0 going mainstream. Ever more businesses are discovering that having a company blog could influence your bottom line. Although I’m yet to see my first company blog.

    I was wondering if you have any insights or predictions about where the second generation bloggers will go and what the third and fourth generation will bring. What kind of visitor numbers they can expect is interesting of course, but I’m even more interested in the way they will shape the world. Both on-line and in real live.

  5. I agree, the PC World list is definitely a link baiting attempt, and did you know, in order to post a comment you must subscribe to at least one of their newsletters?

  6. ah, the joy of translating:
    A company blog doesn’t influence “your” bottom line but “their” bottom line.

  7. I LOVE that alexa article. I am this close to breaking into the top 100,000 (I’m practically there to be honest, 200 off, but yesterday I was in the top 50,000). Despite what people say i think it is important (due to TLA and things like that using Alexa to rank websites).

  8. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the useful links. I’ve checked Raj’s 7 Suggestions for Making Your Blog Writing More Accessible and I’ve found it really useful.


  9. Thanks for greats links. I learn a lot with every post of yours. From Spain…

  10. Hi Darren,
    You work hard so that we do not have to only in the beginning.
    U R My top 10 teachers.



  11. Thank you, Darren for this Links. Do you know, that your blog is in top ten most expensive blogs in internet?

  12. Link Trains are spam. No better than that. For more on the subject see:

  13. Contest Blogger, huh?

    I literally *just* started a site about blog contests, and we’re kicking it off with $100 cash for posting about the site, as well as a $50 monthly drawing for RSS subscribers…


  14. Thanks for the link to blog-tutorials.com, Darren. I’m not much of a fan of link-baits and linking gimmicks myself. Best and most sustainable link building practice is having great content and great community surrounding your blog.


    J. Angelo Racoma
    Editor, Blog Tutorials
    Asst. Ed., the Blog Herald

  15. Thanks for the link. I hope to do one on analytics that is blog specific.
    I have written a bit about that topic here:

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